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Port Forwarding Wizard


Infinite port forwarding until the destination IP address is achieved. Windows, Solaris, and Linux are all supported. It forwards any TCP/UDP protocol. For example: HTTP, SMTP, POP, TELNET, NETBIOS, and SSL. You can completely use this tool without learning.

  • When you try to access some remote computer, maybe this computer located in a LAN behind firewalls, gateways, or inconfigurable routers that you can't directly access or this computer are configured to deny your computer's IP address.

  • Under this situation, maybe you need to go through a lots of computer to finally access the destination and the computers you must go through maybe run Windows, Solaris, or Linux system. It will bother you so much. Now, you can deploy Port Forwarding Wizard tool on those computers, no matter those computers' system.

  • A monitor tool is integrated to let you monitor which ip has connected with our port forwarding software and how much datas have been port forwarding.

  • Using our port forwarding software, you can automatically manage port forwarding of your router. our port forwarding software use UPnP technology communicating with your router to view, add or delete port mapping. If you download movie or file from internet using azureus, utorrent or BitComet and want to a very high download speed, you must know how to operate your router to add or delete port forwarding. Now using our port forwarding software, you can easily to do this! Port forwarding Tester is provided too. This tester can let you check if your router has opened some ports you want.

  • Port trigger is supported too. By using the port trigger function integrated with our port forwarding software on the computer that you want to have ports forwarded to, it will magically make your applications start working. This will let internet users or services can access your computer that behind your router and communicate with your computer.
  • Our port forwarding software integrate http proxy function. When you adding a port mapping, you get an option to choose this port mapping run like a http proxy. This http proxy port forwarding you can choose to directly access internet or connect a upstream http proxy to surfe internet. Then other your computers can share the internet connection with the computer that installed our port forwarding software. Now your computers can surfe internet at the same time with port forwarding technology. All those functions together, our port forwarding software is a very powerful port forwarding software.

  • Home Version:$29
  • Pro Version :$49


  • Home Version License: 50 simultaneously connection
  • Pro Version License: site license,Integrate File Sharing

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