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Word unscrambler - Anagram Solver

Word unscrambler

Click here to open a new window with the Word Unscrambler program, you can enter up to 9 letters and get all words unscrambled that are in the dictionary used.

You can then try out the words on the letters you have if they are more than 9 letters and see what you have left, this way multiple word anagrams can be solved. enter remaining letters below or back into the new word unscrambler page and see what other words appear.

This free word unscrambler has various sort options you can use. You simply enter the word you want to unscramble and enter the letters in the bottom one. As you use them up the remainder is displayed.


The following settings to unscramble a word will be saved.
Sorting method for remaining letters
Alphabetic abcde...
English Most difficult letters first.
Use this when you are making big anagrams and you want to start with the most difficult letters. If you wait too long with using the Q, you might end up with it, which is very frustrating. This option will bring the Q and other difficult letters to your attention. 
Also, when a letter occurs many times, it will have a higher priority. You wouldn't want to end up with 6 E's and no other letters.
Dutch Most difficult letters first, according to the Dutch language.


Checking policy
Which characters and symbols have to match?
Strict  Every letter, symbol, dot and comma has to match.
Line feeds and spaces are ignored. 
Lowercase and uppercase letters are treated as equal. 
Normal  $#@!%(){}[];:,.<>?-+ and such symbols are ignored.
International  Same as normal, but international characters like T(nantñ are treated as normal letters (eouaicn). This setting may cause incorrect checking on Macintosh computers.


Easy pasting
On With easy pasting, you can paste an anagram like Onno = noon into the "original text" field. FART will split it using the equal sign. "Onno" will go into the "original text" field, "noon" will go into the "anagram" field, and the two will be checked immediately. This option was especially made for the nice people at the Anagrammy Award.
Off Choose this setting if your anagrams contain "=" (equal signs).


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