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Media Library Manager 8.0

It will allow a church library to catalog all resources, maintain circulation, and track circulation history for the resource and the user.

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File Size:11,847 KB System:Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003
License:Free to try ($167.99) Limitations:shareware
Date Added:05-25-2006 Requirements:windows

Media Library Manager
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Software Description:
Media Library Manager is a complete library system for a church's library ministry. This program will allow a church library to catalog all resources, maintain circulation, and track circulation history for the resource and the user. There is user level security, barcode scanning capabilities, plus much more.

The main resource maintenance window default list is in accession number order. To access an existing resource by accession number you can type the number in the text box and press the TAB key. The record will instantly access the resource. If you are using a barcode scanner, all you have to do is scan the accession number. Left click on the Title tab to view and search in title order. Click on the Add button to enter a new resource or the edit button to change the currently highlighted resource. The window below is used to add a new resource or edit an existing resource. If you do not know the subject number click on the search button to open the Subject Select window. Once you have found or added the subject click on the Select button to add the subject to the resource. You can add as many subjects as you think necessary.

To check out a resource key-in or scan the accession number. The program will highlight the selection then click the Check Out button. Next find the member by typing the name, starting with the last name first. The dates are automatically entered for you by the program. If the member is not in the current list now is the time to enter them. The member will be automatically be assigned a number that will be used by the system to associate circulation, history, and overdue fines. Checking a resource in or renewing the resource is as simple as clicking a button. There is also a feature to do a batch check-in of an individual member. Click the Member Check In button, select the member by their last name, then click the View button to see all resources checked out for that person. Select the resources to check in by clicking the check.

Key Features:
  • Export to HTML using our query generator. Add the HTML pages to your church web site.
  • Export to MS Excel using our query generator. Microsoft Excel required.
  • Export to flat ASCII or delimited ASCII.
  • Import from flat ASCII, delimited ASCII, DBase or MS Excel.
  • Physical Inventory Module. Telephone, zip/postal codes and states now accept International data.
  • Copyright and resource analysis can now be viewed in a graph. Now support more spine and pocket label styles.
  • Library supply and vendor maintenance. User Friendly Interface.
  • Maintain Resources. Simple Circulation. Batch Check-In.
  • Automatic Circulation History. Custom Queries for Reports. Print Barcode on Pocket Labels.
  • Search by Title, or Author, or Series, or Subject or custom words. Maintain and follow-up Reservations. Extensive Reporting.
  • Optional Overdue fines. Optional Member Circulation History.
  • Maintain ministry volunteers. Maintain library goals. Maintain library equipment.
Editor's Review:
Media Library Manager was to give a simple but useful electronic way to catalog all of the media resources collected through many different means. It is easy to use; it is a useful tool for church. The function of search are as a additional part.

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