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Advanced Replace Tools 3.2 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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Frequently Asked Questions - Advanced Replace Tools

  1. Q: What is a basket drive?
    A: Basket drive is a list of files. It contains only links to files and it helpful for works with files. Basket can contain links to files which placing on different disks. Even on a network drives.

    If you want to process files from directory and from it's subdirectories you can send all files from that directory to the basket. Just select this directory and press to a button "Send to basket" or through pressing F5 or F6 key (no matter). After that set basket drive as current and select files which you want to process (There are many way how you can select files. See help file). Besides you can send files found by Finder to the basket for processing their in the future.

  2. Q: How I can easily rename a directory? The current name of the directory should be given as the default!
    A: In the file panel select the directory and press Shift+F6. This opens the rename window. To rename the directory, type the new name and press Enter key.

  3. Q: How I can delete all bak files from directory and from subdirectories?
    A: You can send all files from that directory and from subdirectories to a basket drive. Select bak files in basket drive by pressing to a Num Plus key and entering extensions of bak files. After that press Del or F8 key and options - "Delete from disk" enable. When you press to button "Ok" operation shall start.

  4. Q: Can I use ART for searching of MS Word and MS Excel files by text string?
    A: Yes, you can make full search in MS Office files.

  5. Q: How to move program settings to another computer?
    A: Just copy file art.ini from one computer to another.

  6. Q: Will the product allow me to copy over all the files in each of the subdirectories, over into a new single folder, without copying over the subdirectory itself?
    A: No problem. Follow the current steps:
    1. Send all file names from a directory which contain subdirectories to the BASKET drive. For make so you need to move cursor in the file panel to that directory and press to the "Send to Basket" button. Also you can make this operation with pressing to F5 and selecting "Send to Basket" checkbox in the appearing window.
    2. Set BASKET drive in the one file panel. In the other file panel you need to go to the directory you want to copy all files. You can select the BASKET drive like other disks by pressing to Alt+F1 or Alt+F2.
    3. Select needed (all) files in the BASKET drive and copy or move them to the single directory. Press to the F5 for copying operation. Or press to the F6 for moving operation.

Screenshots - More Details

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