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Advanced Replace Tools 3.2

It is a file browser with replacement, batch replacement, finder function.ART's File Browser Utility allows users to specify a great number of files before processing. This file browser uses either a built-in or a plug-in utility.

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Version: 3.2
File Size:842 KB System:Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003
License:Free to try ($24.95) Limitations:a period of 25 times of use
Date Added:02-14-2006 Requirements:Windows System

Browser mode - Advanced Replace Tools
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Software Description:
Advanced Replace Tools (ART) is an advanced text replacement utility program that webmasters, programmers (and everybody who uses computers) will find essential. The time saved by using this program can pay for itself in one hour (or less) of billable client work.

ART's File Browser Utility allows users to specify a great number of files before processing. This file browser uses either a built-in or a plug-in utility.

ART's Finder Utility allows users to search through documents by file mask, by date, by file size, by attribute and even by text string. This search process is similar to that used in an Internet search engine.

The Replacer Utility allows users to insert, replace or remove entire fragments of text. Text can consist of more than one line of code, and text can exist in multiple files. The Batch Replacer is a multi-string search-and-replace filter. This filter can find strings in files and replace them with whatever text you specify. Both text and binary files can be processed by the program.

Key Features:
  • Features of Finder:
    • Find in several drives or directories simultaneously.
    • Find files by attributes.
    • Find files by size (equal, more than, less than).
    • Find files created within period of time.
    • Find files not older than some hours, days, weeks, and months from current time.
    • Find duplicates files. This files have same name or (and) same size.
    • Find files by the text string, which they contain.
    • Find files made with using Microsoft products (Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel) by text.
    • Search files by mask (*.xls;*.cpp;*.doc;*.rtf;*.txt;*.html) etc.
  • Features of Replacer:
    • Find and Replace single text block.
    • Delete text block.
    • Support processing of MS Word and MS Excel files.
    • Insert text block before any text.
    • Insert text block after any text.
    • Insert text block between two text blocks.
    • Insert text block to the head of file.
    • Insert text block to the foot of file.
  • Features of Batch Replacer:
    • Text replacement can be performed in hundreds of files from several directories simultaneously.
    • You can specify multiple text blocks for replacement.
    • It gives you a status window while it's running.
    • Quick algorithm of text replacement.
    • Creating backup files.
    • Save/load "Find and Replace" strings to a file outside the program.
    • Find repeated sequence of symbols and replace it to anything.
    • You can find symbols in all files. It correctly finds any symbols in Exe file and replace them to anything.
Editor's Review:
Advanced Replace Tools supports batch replacing and editing text, this operation can be finished in a few minutes, so save time for everybody who uses computer. Right-click the objects that you want to replace, insert and remove, then the objects will become red, and insert code to change the objects.

The text of batch replacement is necessary if you need to replace some text in hundreds of files. Advanced Replace Tools supports replacing both text strings and blocks. After replacing files, it will create backup files.

In browser mode, there are three modes that you can see files. Brief mode allows you to see the name of the folders and files, full mode allows you to browse the name, ext, size, data, etc about the folders and files, and tree mode allows you to see the all mother folders and all son folders.

Why not try the Advanced Replace Tools if you are a webmaster, programmers or the people who is concerned with computers?

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