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OutlineART 1.8

A useful tool to transform words and symbols into vector-contour. It can be applied in AutoCAD wordprocessing.

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File Size:659 KB System:Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($29.95) Limitations:Watermark on image
Date Added:04-21-2006 Requirements:32 MB RAM or later

The Screenshot of OutlineART
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Software Description:

OutlineART is a useful tool to transform words and symbols into vector-contour. It can be applied in AutoCAD wordprocessing. It provides both windows desktop version and ARX embedded version for AutoCAD, so that words and symbols can be transformed into not only DXF file, but also polyline entity in AutoCAD.

It is so easy to use. When you input words and symbols in text editing section, a relevant vector-graphy will appear in a square previewing section. If you want to insert a symbol into the text, you can click a butterfly based button in the toolbar to open the icon section. Then you choose a symbol and double-click it or click Insert Symbol into. You will save your file to DXF file.

Key Features:
  • Transform words and symbols into vector-contour
  • Support setting up word attributes
  • Allow to set up font of words and symbols, wordheight, etc.
  • Saving inputted words to txt file for future use
  • Provide a symbol list to use
  • Saving to DXF file
  • Easy in use
Editor's Review:

OutlineART was designed to help you easily convert words and symbols into a AutoCAD DXF file. It allows you to adjust the font height, width and so on. It provides a symbol list that includes lots of symbols to you insert any symbol easily. This program has a simple user interface that makes you learn to use it quickly. It also can be applied in AutoCAD. OutlineART makes you transform words and symbols into a DXF file easily.

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