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GAX reloaded 1.0

GAX reloaded contains a colorpicker, a screen ruler and a screen capture tool with a variety of ways to capture parts from your screen or the entire screen.

Download Site         Buy Now $5.95

Version: 1.0 Publisher:
File Size: 1.77 MB System: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003
License: Free to try ($5.95) Limitations: 30 days trial
Date Added: 04-09-2008 Requirements:  

GAX reloaded

Software Description:
GAX is a small powerful application for people who work with graphics (webdesigners, programmers etc.) with 3 useful tools: a colorpicker, allowing you to pick a color anywhere from the screen, a screen ruler, useful for measuring objects on your screen and a screen capture tool with a variety of ways to capture parts from the screen or the entire screen at once.

The colorpicker and screencapture tool contain the unique feature to directly export the color or screencapture into Photoshop®. This saves time and trouble.

Key Features:
  • Pick colors from every part of the screen;
  • GAXreloaded automatically detects the palette of various windows on the screen, therefor sampling the color with 100% accuracy;
  • Magnified cursor window, making it easy to accurately pick a color;
  • View the color value in three ways (RGB, Hexadecimal or percents);
  • Pick a point sample, 3x3 or 5x5 average sample;
  • Sampled colors are automatically stored in the color library (up to 35 colors);
  • Export sampled colors to the clipboard in various formats (HTML, WinAPI, Delphi);
  • Export sampled colors right into Photoshop® as foreground color and start painting right away with only one click (v4 or higher);
  • Export the Color Library to an .ACT file.
  • Easily measure objects on your screen;
  • Magnified windows showing the ruler's beginning and ending so you can measure with pinpoint precision;
  • Ruler can be set horizontal or vertical;
  • View the length in five ways (pixels, inches, centimeters, picas or percents).
  • Capture the whole screen with one click of the mouse;
  • With rectangle capture you can easily capture a part of the screen, allowing you to fine-tune the size and position of the rectangle;
  • Control capturing allows you to capture specific Windows elements such as toolbars, buttons , menu's, windows and many more;
  • Capture image sequences for presentations or tutorials etc;
  • Capture images with or without cursor;
  • Save the captured image directly to your hard disk in .BMP; .JPG (quality can be set) or .TIF format;
  • Export captured images to the clipboard for use in other applications;
  • Export captured images to Photoshop® (v4 or higher) into a new image or into a new layer with only one click.
Editor's Review:
GAXreloaded is a powerful Windows application for people who work with graphics. If you are a graphic designer and not on a Mac, you must have GAXreloaded.

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