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ProStockMaster for Windows

A unique all-in-one desktop software for a stock photo contributor. ProStockMaster automates image processing and uploading to multiple microstock photo agencies.

Download Site       Buy Now $49.00

Version: 1.41 Publisher:
File Size: 16.2 MB System: Windows Vista/XP/2000/Me/2003/98/95
License: Free to try ($49.00) Limitations:
Date Added: 02-25-2008 Requirements:  

ProStockMaster for Windows

Software Description:

ProStockMaster is a useful management tool for Internet stock photographers.

ProStockMaster allows one-click uploads of selected images to multiple online stock photo sites, easy IPTC keywording, EXIF data reading and fast searches in the image database.

Awesome time saver for a stock photographer, ProStockMaster dramatically simplifies online stock photography management tasks freeing the photographers hands for new creations.

Key Features:
  • Upload all your images to multiple stock photography sites just in one click! You can upload a complete image folder now! Alternatively, you can select the upload
  • sites for every image you want to upload and then upload all the selected images just in one button click.
  • Easy keywording (tagging)! Enter a word or two and get tens of automatically generated keywords relevant for your image - just in one button click!
  • Get your stock statistics directly at your fingertips! You can see your earnings, downloads and more data for every stock agency supported by ProStockMaster just in one button click
  • View EXIF data inserted by your camera: aperture value,shutter speed, program mode, ISO, focal length, flash mode. metering mode and much more
  • Fast search in images on your computer for any keyword either in the image' title, description or in the keywords fields
  • Copy keywords, title and description from one image to another, making keywording of similar images extremely fast and easy.
  • For instance, if you've shoot a sport event and then have selected 12 images for editing and upload, 95% of keywords in these images shall probably be the same. ProStockMaster allows you simply press Copy button copying the data between your files and then add or modify copied data, if required
  • Get a perfect track record for every uploaded picture
  • Simultaneous uploads to 8 online stock photography agencies and selected community sites, e.g.

Editor's Review:
ProStockMaster helps thousands of stock photographers in preparing and uploading their images to leading microstock sites and sharing their photography portfolios through major community sites.

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