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MyLife 2.51 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

Frequently Asked Questions - MyLife

  1. How to add a reminder?
    With MyLife, adding a reminder quick and easy.
    The date and time fields can be easily adjusted with your mouse or with the arrows keys on your keyboard.
    You can enter a 'One Time Only' reminder, or you can designate a recurring reminder with very flexible intervals that are easy to configure.
    You can associate a message or a sound, or both, with the reminder. You can use any WAV sounds you might have by copying/moving them to the MyLife folder.
    With the 'Display if Reminder Missed' option, you can tell MyLife to display the reminder at the first opportunity if the reminder occurred while the computer was off.
    The 'Early Bird' option lets you specify an extra 'pre-reminder' at some time (that you specify) prior to the regularly scheduled reminder.

Screenshots - More Details

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