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MaxType LITE Typing Tutor 1.6.11

Free typing tutor software for testing and developing your typing skills with any your own text files, and printing out your test results.

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File Size:2,334 KB System:Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003
License:Free Limitations:None
Date Added:06-19-2006 Requirements:800*600 or higher desktop resolution

The Screenshot of MaxType LITE Typing Tutor
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Software Description:

MaxType LITE Typing Tutor is a free multifunctional typing tester for Windows. It allows you not only to test and practice your typing skills with any *.txt file, but to print out your test diplomas (statistical data will give you the information about 20 parameters of your typing) and even replay the mtr-record file of your own typing.

MaxType LITE Typing Tutor built in Extreme Typing mode that allows you to compete in speed of typing against any mtr-record file from your collection. The integrated library of texts for typing includes basic lessons, special exercises, lyrics of popular singers, articles, as well as source code in different programming languages to help programmers to develop their typing skills.

MaxType LITE Typing Tutor has multi-user interface and supports flexible settings for each user. The free typing tutor software also provides password protection to use. Besides this free typing tutor software supports QWERTY, DVORAK, AZERTY, Russian keyboard layouts.

Key Features:
  • Provide a free typing tutor for Windows
  • Allow you to test with test files
  • Support printing out your test diplomas
  • Support Qwerty, Dvorak, Azerty and Russian keyboard layouts
  • Support password protection feature
  • Offer two different mode to learn typing
Editor's Review:

Are you looking for a piece of free typing tutor software, why not try the MaxType LITE Typing Tutor? This free typing tutor software is so useful that helps you to test and practice your typing skills, and prints out your test results and even replays the mtr-record file of your own typing. The free typing tutor software also is so professional that can be used to help advanced typists to test their typing speed and bring it up.

MaxType LITE Typing Tutor provides Extreme Typing mode and Typing Test mode to use. Both of them are very efficient! You can easily replay real-time record of your typing or run Extreme Typing mode with selected record as your opponent. With this unique free typing tutor software, you will get twice the result with half the effort.

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