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Mailbag Assistant 3.82 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

Deleting Messages from a Mailbag Archive

Assistant does not let you edit the contents of a Mailbag archive, but you can add or remove messages through the File|Save As command. Adding messages has been described above. You can delete messages with the following procedure:
  1. Make sure no mailboxes are open (click on the Close All toolbar button if it is available).
  2. Open the Mailbag archive you want to change.
  3. Select all the messages in the main grid view (Edit|Select All) and use the Edit|Transfer to Subset command to copy all the messages to the subset grid.
  4. In the subset grid, select the messages you want to delete and hit the Delete key on your keyboard
  5. Choose the Save As command and select the name of the Mailbag archive that you opened under step 2).
Copy messages to the Subset Grid
  1. Open one or more mailboxes
  2. Select several messages in the main grid (use the Shift key to select a range of adjacent messages or the Ctrl key to select messages that are not adjacent)
  3. Use the menu command Edit|Transfer to Subset

    Note that you can remove selected messages from the Subset Grid with the Delete key. However, this method is not possible in the Main Grid because it is designed to show the full content of mailboxes when the message filter is inactive.
Create a text file from a selection of messages
  1. Open one or more mailboxes.
  2. Select several messages in the main grid and copy them to the subset grid with the Edit|Transfer to Subset command.
  3. Use the menu command Tools|Merge Records|Default Layout.
  4. The Output View will display all the subset-grid messages in a layout defined by the default template.
  5. Use the menu command File|Save As to save the text to disk.
Select all the messages sent from/To a specific area
  1. Open one or more mailboxes.
  2. Use the menu command Search|Quick Match|Superdomain.
  3. The combobox list will contain all the superdomain codes represented in the active grid.
  4. Choose an item from the list and click on OK.
Find out the e-mail exchanges based on each e-mail address
  1. Open one or more mailboxes (if possible both an "In" box and an "Out" box).
  2. Use the menu command Tools|EMail Traffic|Address.
Find all e-mails that mention NoteTab and are sent from ""
  1. Open one or more mailboxes.
  2. Press Ctrl+M to open the Match dialog box.
  3. Type in the Find field, set the Search field to "WhoEMail", set "Has" in the Selection field, and click on Find All. The status bar will indicate how many messages were selected.
  4. Type NoteTab in the Find field, set the Search field to "Message", set "And" in the Selection field, and click on Find All.
  5. All the messages that match both criteria will be selected. To have a grouped view of the highlighted messages, use the transfer command (Ctrl+T) to display them in the Subset Grid.

Frequently Asked Questions - Mailbag Assistant

  1. How to access MS Outlook messages?
    Mailbag Assistant can read Outlook Express message folders, but not those of Microsoft Outlook (.pst files). However, using the Outlook Express Import wizard, you can easily import mail messages from Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Internet Mail, and Microsoft Windows Messaging. These imported messages are then accessible to Mailbag Assistant. Here's how you perform the import procedure in Outlook Express:
    1. On the File menu, point to Import, and then click Messages.
    2. Select the e-mail program you want to import messages from, and then click Next.
    3. Verify the location of your messages and then click Next.
    4. Choose All folders to import all the messages and click Next. You can also choose Selected Folders to import messages from one or more folders.
    5. Click Finish.

Screenshots - More Details

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