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Mailbag Assistant 3.82

Release you from mountain of email messages with integrate tools of message searching, organizing, analyzing and archiving.

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $39.95

File Size:1,890 KB System:Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($39.95) Limitations:30-day trial
Date Added:02-20-2006 Requirements:No special requirement

manage mailbag - Mailbag Assistant
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Software Description:
If you're buried alive in e-mail, let Mailbag Assistant come to the rescue with turbocharged tools to search, organize, analyze and archive your mountain of messages C tools that are inadequate or simply unavailable in conventional mail programs. Mailbag Assistant complements your mail program without interfering with it, leaving your original message files absolutely intact. It reads and processes your current and archived e-mails with ease, whether they are stored on your computer, on networked drives, or on removable media.

The powerful search tools provide both easy-to-use wizards and advanced features like Boolean operators with multiple criteria. In addition to searching for exact matches in your e-mails, Mailbag Assistant lets you search for approximate and Soundex (sound-based) matches. These flexible tools make it simple to define, group and find relevant messages quickly and accurately.

If you're not an experienced computer user, you'll enjoy the program's simple grid layout, which allows you to sort e-mails in many ways just by clicking column headings. You can also use Mailbag Assistant's E-mail Wizard and Quick-Match searches to track down messages quickly and easily.

If you're a power user, you'll appreciate tools for creating message subsets, extracting addresses and attachments, and compiling traffic and word statistics. You can also take advantage of a full-featured scripting language to create custom operations and automate repetitive tasks like opening message folders, searching through correspondence, and archiving e-mails. The program even provides professional investigators with a valuable forensic tool: you can search for a wide range of information, including server details, quickly and efficiently in very large collections of messages.

Whether you're maintaining message folders with thousands of e-mails or just want to save time hunting down a handful, Mailbag Assistant makes it much easier to perform searches, organize your e-mails efficiently, and archive them for rapid retrieval.

Key Features:
  • Handles native message files even if you no longer have the original e-mail program on your computer.
  • Enables you to easily share your correspondence with other Mailbag Assistant users.
  • Favorites menu to quickly reopen frequently used e-mail folders.
  • Message text is colored based on quote level.
  • Match tool selects all messages matching your criteria.
  • Filter tool shows only messages matching your criteria.
  • Search tools support Boolean operators, approximate matches, and Soundex matches.
  • Sorts grid data when column header is clicked.
  • Saves e-mails into compressed message archives.
  • Stores and extracts e-mail attachments and HTML messages.
  • Exports e-mails as plain text, EML files, Web pages, and other formats based on customizable templates.
  • Extracts information like e-mail addresses and traffic statistics.
Editor's Review:
This software is designed to release users from mountains of email messages. It can help you finish many complex and difficult tasks. E.g, open all your mail files, find messages, and even filter out emails that contain virus attachments, which can obviously be very helpful to user's system and data security.

Mailbag Assistant is more likely a powerful search engine, which can find your wanted message of email address, messages, etc. It adopts compression arithmetic to save your e-mail archives, and can easily extract all your e-mail attachments. The built-in scripting language helps to finish tasks automatically.

The interface of Mailbag Assistant may not as attractive as its powerful function. Though detailed help text is added, it's also not easy to master Mailbag Assistant. While, it should be an excellent assistant to all email users.

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