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TurboFTP - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

System Requirements

Operating System : Windows 95/98/ME or Windows NT/2000/XP
Memory: 8 MB RAM (16MB recommended)
CPU : Pentium 75 or higher recommended
Hard Drive Space : 5.2 Mbytes plus space for installation files.


Simply double click the installer file to begin. (If you already have an older version installed on your computer, you don't need to uninstall the old one before installing the new version.)

Note that if you are using Windows NT/2000/XP, you need to have administrator privilege to install the program.

Connection Capability

Firewall support, including HTTP proxy, SOCKS 4, SOCKS 4a and SOCKS 5.
Support secure FTP connection and file transfer with SSL/TLS, including implicit and explicit SSL. Support client certificate.
Support SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) over SSH2.
OTP S/Key (MD4, MD5) password encryption.
Strong interruption and stall protection and Auto Dial.
Auto Dial supports Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP).
Auto reconnect and broken transfer resume.
Passive mode support, configurable for individual site.
Anti-idle mechanism prevents connection time-out.
Clipboard monitoring for FTP URLs ( Support redirected URLs. Remember recently connected sites for quick access.

Intuitive and Flexible Client Interface

Context sensitive help.
Quick connect bar.
Windows XP compatible and XP theming.
Multilingual capability. Interfaces in French, Italian, German, Dutch, Spanish, Swedish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese etc available.
FTP Connection Wizard.
Drag and drop to download/upload files; drop to sub-folders.
Drag and drop from Windows Explorer.
File info tooltip (useful for long filenames, and file size).
Show directory information (number of selected files and all files, total size and free space) in real time. Minimize to system tray.

Management of Site Profiles

Site Address Book - sites organized in a tree structure. Easily organized with drag and drop, copy and paste.
Can import site information from CuteFTP, WS_FTP, Bulletproof FTP, LeapFTP and FTP Explorer.
Support all formats of CuteFTP site information data file and can import passwords - tree.dat, smdata.dat, SM.dat.
Stored login passwords are encrypt.

Mastering Your Web / FTP Site

Folder Synchronizer provides visual comparison of local and remote directory structures, where files to be transferred, updated or removed are clearly marked with action icons based on the selected Synchronization Scheme. After review and necessary modifications you can then update destination directory, including any subdirectories with one click.
Auto Upload On Change. Monitors a local folder and upload any new files added in it, can also deleted uploaded files.
Simple local and remote directories compare.
Bookmarks - one-click access to any local/remote folder.
Automatic upload/download filename case conversion and Auto Rename.
Only download/upload newer files.
Recursive delete of remote directory.
Automatically and correctly resolve unix links.
Support UNIX, UNIX-compatible, DOS-style, VMS, VAX, OS/2, AS-400, Novell Netware (v4 and onwards), VxWorks and Apple OS FTP directory listing.
Manually execute your own commands on remote server.
Automatically send user-defined FTP commands after logon.
Directory listing filtering that allows you to ignore files by directory or wildcards.
Show Owner and Group information of remote listing.
Report total size and number of files in a directory and all its subdirectories.
Show server file time in local time zone according to specified time offset. Group select of files using wildcard.
Remote file attribute modification (CHMOD).
Change server login password.
Remote editing - edit and update web page online.
Remote directory caching.

Upload / Download

Recursive directory upload or download.
Scheduled transfer support, featuring comprehensive scheduling options and scheduled automated File Synchronization. Only download/upload files that are new or updated, delete downloaded files from remote server, etc. Ideal for automated file backup and mirroring. Built-in Schedule Sync Task Wizard makes creating a complex sync task a bleeze.
Send E-mail report upon schedule task complete (support multiple recipients).
Command line support.
A transfer queue that can handle files to/from any site and any directory.
Ability to preserve server file time on downloaded files.
Ability to transfer files larger than 4Gb (available on NTFS file system).
Resume download/upload. Option to use APPE to resume uploads.
Download/upload speed limits - reserve bandwidth (for e.g. web browsing) while transferring files.
Upon transfer complete automatically hang up modem or shut down/ log off computer.
Select servers in Address Book to expand queued upload list to multiple servers.

Local File Management

Direct access to virtual folders (e.g. Desktop, My Documents) and network folders.
Integrated Windows Explorer context menu.
Store individual user data separately.
Option to delete to the Recycle Bin.
File/folder properties.

Screenshots - More Details

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