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Internet Privacy Protection Software

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File Securer software 3.91 - Protect your sensitive folder and personal file, and embed the protect into windows system kernel, both on command mode and window mode.
Folder Lock 5.3.5 - A file-security program that can protect your password, lock, hide and encrypt any number of files, folders, drives, pictures and documents in seconds.
IziLock 1.14 - Keep inquisitive eyes away from your confidential files, set password protection and restrict access to any document diary, bank data, photographs, video.
Secure IT 3.1.7 - Encrypt all your files and folders, permit you to save encrypted files at the location of your choice, create self extracting executable files and so on.
Stealth Storage 1.1 - Stealth Storage will automatically dismount encrypted drives due to inactivity, and can run programs after disk is mounted and before one is dismounted.
Strong File Encryption Decryption Utility 1.0 - Encrypt and decrypt selected files or folders on your computer using the latest industry standard strong encryption algorithms.
TouchLocker 1.03 - An extremely useful tool that enables you to lock all the mouse and keyboard activities thus protecting your private information saved.
TZ Shredder 4.0 - Protect your privacy by completely shredding the files you specify beyond recovery, including files, free space and your Recycle Bin contents...
secureMYpc 2.5 - Remove and protect your computer from thousands of spyware, adware, Trojans, keyloggers, spybots and malious threats.
Visage Surveillance 2.4 - Capture all user activities on a PC, all applications run, all keystrokes even passwords and record all web sites visited by the user.
GhostSurf Standard 2.04 - Stop the prying eyes of hackers, Web sites, your Internet Service Provider and even your boss by ensuring an anonymous, untraceable Internet connection.
X-Cleaner Deluxe - Allow users to perform rapid and deep scan actions on their PC's to detect unwanted and undesirable programs as well as protect against future unwanted installations.
XoftSpy 4.21 - Protect you from unwanted Spyware, Adware, Malware, W32/Spybot, Keyloggers, Unwanted Toolbars, Browser Hijacking, Pop-up Generators and more.
Advanced Administrative Tools 5.92 - Accumulate data pertaining to network status and availability, using all of the latest development tools in network research.
LASTBID 2.3 - LASTBID is an easy to use ebay sniping tool that simplifies your life by automatically submitting your bid in the last seconds of the auction.
Secure Hive - It is a powerful tool for secure archiving and sharing of files. It enables you to create encrypted archives and self-extracting .exe files for secure storage and file sharing.
TaskPatrol Personal 2.0 - TaskPatrol is the arsenal of security tools designed to give you complete overview of software running on your system, in a comprehensible and easy to understand way.
G-Zapper 1.1 - G-Zapper helps you protect your identity and this valuable attention data by blocking the Google search cookie.
Cookie Spook 2.0.0 - A professional cookie removal tool that allows cookies to enter the system but as soon as they are detected they are deleted at once.
Freeze Burn 1.0.0 - Freeze Burn is an extensive utility for Windows based computers to erase completely data from your hard drive.
East Tec DisposeSecure 2006 - Remove all data from hard drives or disk partitions before return of leased assets or computer disposal.
NetConceal Anonymizer 3.7 - Hide IP address for anonymous Internet access, and support web browsers, instant messengers, file sharing and others.
Privacy Fence 3.1 - With just one mouse-click, it helps you to erase cookies, cache, history and auto-complete data of popular Internet browser.
SpyPal AIM/AOL Messenger Spy 2008 5.1 - Secretly record all AIM/AOL Messenger's incoming and outgoing chat text messages. You can check all recorded messages by simply receiving emails or opening a web page.
System Privacy Shield 1.5 - Protect your privacy by cleaning all tracks on your computer including Internet and system activities.
Total Privacy 5.0 - Eliminates all hidden evidence of activities on your computer and allows you to clean up the history of all activities on your PC.
TZ Privacy Guard v3.0 - Protect your privacy by encryptting and locking your IE favorite, history folders, and personal information e.g. passwords, credit card numbers, banking accounts etc.
A-one Folder Encryption 3.08 - Encrypt folders or subfolders thus making them unable to accessed, copied, deleted, moved and renamed, and also decrypt them with ease.
AGUTA Text Encrypter - Encrypt text is embedded into a bitmap image file of BMP format.
Wincognito Privacy Suite - Clean Histories, detect invisible keystroke, screenshot, and mouse recorders running on your machine, and kill the programs in memory.
Cloak 8.0 - A powerful security package designed to protect and secure your personal information and documents, and to erase internet tracks.
East Tec DisposeSecure 3.4 - Remove all traces of information from a hard disk, and provide protection against all methods and equipments of data recovery.
FlashDrive Crypto 1.5 - FlashDrive Crypto is a reliable, user-friendly and smart program that lets you encrypt the disk partitions (drive letters) to keep your private and confidential data secure.
AutoKrypt 6.27 - Encryption Profiles allow you to quickly add encryption and decryption profiles, which can be used to to encrypt files or an entire folder and its subfolders.

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