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Privacy Inspector 1.8 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

Frequently Asked Questions - Privacy Inspector

  1. What is Privacy Inspector?
    Privacy Inspector is a piece of secure software to erase or hide unwanted tracks left on the computer.

  2. What operating systems are supported by Privacy Inspector?
    Privacy Inspector runs only under Microsoft Windows XP,2000,Me,98/98 Second Edition.

  3. Does Privacy Inspector work on Mac systems?
    Our development team is focusing on PC products at this time. We realize there is a need for Mac support as well, however, our development budget has not yet allowed for us to expand into Mac development. As EFREESKY SOFTWARE grows, we hope to expand our technology!

  4. Lost Registration Info Policy?
    If you register and, for whatever reason, you do not receive an e-mail us with a registration info or if you are reformatted your hard drive and cannot find your registration info, simply e-mail and We will send your registration code. (Please include your Order# or as much order information as possible, as it will be easier to locate your order in the database.)

  5. What is Boss Key?
    Boss Key lets you to hide/show the browser windows and folder windows immediately by pressing the Left Mouse Button+Right Mouse Button. It's very useful when you are surfing some websites , and then someone ( your boss or everyone you don't want to see your screen) walks in, you just press the Left Mouse Button+Right Mouse Button, the browser windows and folder windows will all disappear, and when they go, you can press Left Mouse Button+Right Mouse Button again, these screen will show again.

  6. When I start Windows it goes to a "xxxx" site. How do I stop this?
    1) Click IE Settings in Privacy Inspector.
    2) Change your Internet Explorer Homepage's Title and Start Page.
    3) Click Save Settins.

  7. Do I need to uninstall previous versions before installing an updated version?
    Yes please uninstall all previous versions before installing an update.

  8. How do I uninstall Privacy Inspector?
    It is very easy to uninstall Privacy Inspector through the Control panel-Add/Remove-Privacy Inspector.

Screenshots - More Details

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