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PrivacyBuddy 1.0 - User Guide and FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions - PrivacyBuddy

  1. Why I need a history cleaner?
    Perhaps you're wondering what privacy concerns are there that you need to worry about during your everyday computer use. While most history tracks are useless to you and I, they can be the doorway to the beginnings of identity theft. According to the Federal Trade Commission and the US Census Bureau in 2003 over 34 million people were victims of identity theft, just over 12% of the population. Gone are the days of not worrying about what information is stored on your computer as all of the information stored on it may be retrieved by even the most novice of computer users thanks to the ever growing popularity of computer spy programs.

    A computer spy program can retrieve and make sense of all the miscellaneous and seemingly useless information that is stored in the computer from every day use. This includes but is not limited to what emails you send, what websites you visit, your account information at websites you may frequent and much more! History cleaning products such as our PrivacyBuddy delete this information from your computer so that it may not be retrieved by spying eyes.

  2. How to pick the right solution?
    Most companies believe that all of your needs are best satisfied by their products. Knowing that the best person to determine your needs is you, we would suggest trying out our software and comparing it to others you find, in order to come to the best decision possible. The best protection you can have against identity theft is not our software, but knowing how to get the software that works best for you. Armed with your new knowledge, you can evaluate for yourself and make your own choices.

    To start protecting yourself from the threats of identity theft we suggest that you download PrivacyBuddy and witness for yourself what we can do. Just click below on the Download button and follow the simple wizards!

  3. My Software Can't be Configured to clean at all times, what is wrong?
    Because of the way PrivacyBuddy functions, if your computer is not a Windows NT or better system, you will not be able to configure it to clean your system at computer lock, screen saver, or computer startup.

  4. I do not get any notifications that PrivacyBuddy is cleaning my system, why?
    The most likely reason for this is that you have disabled the option in your configuration application that comes with PrivacyBuddy. Please make sure that you have the "Notify me when cleaning my system" option checked.

  5. PrivacyBuddy is taking quite some time cleaning my system, why is this?
    This could be for many reasons. The two most likely reasons is that you either have a large amount of files to clean in your history, or you have checked the option to shred your files and have large files to shred. If the latter is the case, you may speed up the process by unchecking the shred files options from the options tab.

Screenshots - More Details

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