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SyClone Builder Professional

SyClone Builder Edition is a Disk-to-Disk 'D2D' disk cloning/Backup program. Backup to external USB or Firewire drives.

      Buy Now $69.95

File Size: System:Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($69.95) Limitations:limited
Date Added:04-23-2008 Requirements:

Folder Monitors - SyClone Builder Professional

Software Description:
SyClone Builder offers greater flexibility over any of our other products. SyClone Builder has a scripting engine, which allows for control over most aspects of the copy. SyClone Builder Edition is a Disk-to-Disk 'D2D' disk cloning/Backup program. Backup to external USB or Firewire drives. Make an exact bootable copy of your disk, and keep down time to a minimum in case of a system disaster/crash or drive failure. No need to restore, simply boot from the backup drive.

Key Features:
  • Script Wizard - Allows for easy setup for common tasks!
  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 64, 2000/2003 Server!
  • Completely from within the Windows environment, no Startup CD/DVD needed!
  • Supports drives as large and larger then 2TB!
  • No Need to Restore - Cloned Drives are Directly Bootable!
  • Deploy your old small hard drive to a new larger hard drive!
  • Use to Deploy your Windows Installation to a new Machine!
  • Works in the Background, Tray Icon!
  • Full Access to all files and data on the backup drive! If you need access to a single folder or file it's there ready for you!
  • Reads and attempts recovery of drives with bad sectors! Will not stop if bad sectors are detected!
  • Disks are copied and verified (bit-by-bit)!
  • The copied drive is so exact you could use it for Forensic Investigation!
Editor's Review:
Make a bootable backup before installing Windows Vista or other software so that you can rollback instantly by using the backup drive. No matter what changes are made during the install, you have the peace of mind that you have a secure bootable backup of your working system.

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