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Locate files with matching search strings and find files on your system.

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $38.00

File Size:4,253 KB System:Windows 98/ME/XP
License:Free to try ($38.00) Limitations:30 days
Date Added:03-02-2006 Requirements:Windows System

Main screen - Filehunter
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Software Description:
Filehunter is a search file utility. The program finds misplaced files on multiple drives and multiple directories. It can locate search strings, display search results, view files and perform file operations. Zip files can be searched.

Filehunter searches parameters are disk/ directory, extensions, dates, file size, attributes and text. Up to 90 multiple search strings searched at once. File Explorer of archives included, use regular expression, copy search result folder trees to new locations SEARCH WITHIN SAVED SEARCH RESULTS SEARCH inside excel spreadsheets and MS word documents. Display files Not Containing Search Strings Select columns to be printed. Print & Save Excel workbook search results FILES SEARCHED INDIVIDUALLY WITHIN ZIP FILES.

Key Features:
  • Locate search search strings
  • Display search results
  • View files and
  • Perform file operations.
  • Search within Search results
  • Load search results
  • Search within search results
  • Add extra directories to previously saved search results
  • Perform fast searches
  • Search zip files
  • Find files before certain dates, after specific dates, within specified date ranges, outsides date ranges or within days either side of a date
  • Display file properties by right clicking file results
  • Search all storage devices attached to your system, including floppy drives, hard drives, CD\DVD Rom drives, and network drives.
  • Search multiple directories and drives.
  • Display file extensions registered on your computer,
  • File results can be sorted by file name, file folder, size , file type, dates, number of occurrences a search string appears in a file and file attributes in ascending and descending order
  • Use user defined extensions
  • Save and load search parameters
  • Use modified, created and last accessed dates
  • Match file sizes and attributes
  • Use case sensitive search strings
  • View the number of occurrences of a search string in a file
  • View search strings in multiple files
  • View files
  • Search results can be printed or saved to a file for analysis
  • Perform file operations on search results,- eg copy, move, recycle, delete and open
  • Use multi string extensions or filenames in a continuous list
  • Boolean AND + Or can be used with text in search strings
  • Exclude file extensions
  • Search Windows special Folders
  • Explore zip archives
  • Copy or more search result folders with existing paths to new locations
  • Use regular expressions
  • Up to 90 multiple search strings searched at once.
  • Search inside Excel spreadsheets and Microsoft Word documents.
  • Display files Not Containing Search Strings
  • Print search results by columns
  • Copy and Print Excel workbook and worksheet search results to files
  • Comma or tab eliminator when exporting saved search results to text files.
Editor's Review:
Filehunter is a good search files tool, every information about searching is included. According to the extensions, attributes/date/size, text, regular expressions, and Word/Excel search, you can find files accurately and quickly. The search results contain file name, file folder/ path, file size, occurrences, file type, extension, and created date....

The searching is of high speed, if you want to cease searching, you can press the Stop button. Some main functions such as search, stop, tag all, search the results and new search have big icon on the main window to perform file operation conveniently.

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