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Flash Wiper 2.1

Flash Wiper works fine with all popular flash cards and flash drives. It supports Compact Flash, Secure Digital, MemoryStick, MicroDrive, xD Picture Card Flash Card.

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Version: 2.1 Publisher:
File Size: 819 KB System: Windows 9x/NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista
License: Free to try ($19.95) Limitations: limited
Date Added: 06-02-2008 Requirements:

Main window - Flash Wiper

Software Description:
Many people believe formatting the drive or deleting the file will complete delete information from the drive. Actually that is not so. A real deleting of files on drives is only possible through a complete overwrite of the original files with (meaningless) data. Formatting in most cases will rebuild file allocation data but all information still present on the drive. It means that your confidential information can be easily recovered with data recovery software.

Key Features:
  • Flash Wiper works fine with all popular flash cards and flash drives.
  • SIt supports Compact Flash, Secure Digital, MemoryStick, MicroDrive, xD Picture Card Flash Card, PC Card, Multimedia Card, pen drives etc
  • The main benefits of Flash Wiper are its total simplicity, ease of use and high performance at the same time.
  • Flash Wiper meets major government and military security standards!
Editor's Review:
There is only one way to prevent problems with the data you thought was deleted. You need to use wiping solution. Your private photos, passwords, financial records and other confidential documents aren't safe!

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