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Paragon Partition Manager 7.0 - User Guide and FAQ

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Supported file systems vs. operation:

Frequently Asked Questions - Paragon Partition Manager

  1. Q: I get "I/0 Error" when trying to run some operations on FAT16/FAT32 partitions. Operation is not performed after this error.
    A: The reason can be as follows: if your C: drive is formatted in FAT16 and there are no more free RootEntries on it (i.e. the amount of files and folders in the root of this partition is equal to RootEntries for this partition), operations with FAT16/32 partitions will not work on this machine. That happens due to an attempt to create temporary file on C: and failure.

    Workaround: Please, delete 5 files from drive C: root or enlarge the number of Root Entries using Partition Manager.

  2. Q: "Not enough server storage is available to process this command"/"Not enough memory to complete transaction. Close some applications and retry." error message upon connect to shares.
    A: Any software that uses a file system filter driver will cause the system to use more IRP stack. Accordingly, this event may be seen after installing open file backup agents, antivirus software, quota software, replication software, etc.

    Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows NT all have an IRPStackSize value that controls how much physical storage space and RAM are available to new applications, and some new software installs incorrectly set of this value. This value ranges from 11 to 20 for XP and from 11 to 15 for Win2K and NT. If you set this value to less than 11, you'll receive an error message indicating that the system doesn't have enough server storage. As a result, clients won't be able to access network shares and this event will appear in the System log.

      To set the IRPStackSize back to the default (15 for XP, 11 for NT), perform the following steps:
    1. Start the registry editor (e.g., regedit.exe). Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services \lanmanserver\parameters.
    2. Double-click IRPStackSize (or if this registry setting doesn't exist, create it of type DWORD and ensure the case is correct).
    3. Change the base to decimal, set the value to 11 for Win2K or NT or 15 for XP, and click OK. Reboot the computer.

  3. Q: When I try to boot I get a 'Disk boot failure. Insert system disk and press enter' error.
    A: If your primary partition is inactive, it is impossible to boot from it. To set is active, and you should boot from a DOS-bootable diskette with Partition Manager, choose the appropriate partition and use the 'Set Active' function. To automate the process of booting from different partitions you can use Paragon Boot Manager. It automatically sets the activity flag.

  4. Q: I resized my Linux Ext2FS partition with Partition Manager. Now when the system boots I only see on my screen and the boot process does not go on. Why does this happen and how can it be fixed?
    A: The Linux operating system contains disk partition names and numbers embedded in several places of this OS. If its LILO boot loader program is also used, it contains embedded disk sector information as well. Sometimes, after creating or deleting a partition on a drive that contains a Linux partition, or after moving or copying a partition using Partition Manager, the copy of Linux on the drive may no longer boot. To restore Linux it is necessary to boot from a Linux-bootable diskette and reined LILO.

  5. Q: When starting your program I get an error stating that there is an IO failure on HDD1? I assume the application is trying to read the second physical disk in the array configured through a High Point 370 controller.
    A: Please check for the new driver and BIOS for your Highpoint HPT370 controller here:

  6. Q: When I perform operations in Partition Manager (Resize, Move), the screen of my computer becomes empty and I hear beeps. Why?
    A: It happens, perhaps due to the BIOS boot virus protection (that is turned on in BIOS settings). To go on working with Partition Manager you should turn it off.

Screenshots - More Details

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