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WinBatch 2006A - User Guide and FAQ

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What is WIL

Windows Interface Language (WIL) is an easy-to-use yet very powerful general-purpose programming language with over 500 functions for file management, sending keystrokes, disk drive management, directory management, binary file access, multimedia support, DDE support, clipboard handling, system control, program management, string handling, displaying information, user prompting, window management, floating point & integer arithmetic, execution control and more. Many operations that require pages of code in other programming languages can be accomplished with a single WIL function call.

WIL is supported by several Wilson WindowWare products, including WinBatch, WinBatch+Compiler, WebBatch, FileMenu and PopMenu. Some implementations of WIL include capabilities not described here (for example, WebBatch includes functions that are useful only in an Internet World Wide Web server environment, and leaves out those that don't make sense in that environment such as window management).

This help file describes the "standard" set of WIL functions; for details on a particular implementation of WIL please see that program's help file.

What WIL is good for

Using WIL, you can make small batch files to use as system management utilities. Connecting to network servers, printing batch jobs out at odd hours, upgrading software, and metering application use, are just a few of the chores handled by the system utilities made with WIL.

You can also write major business applications. Experience with small utilities encourages the leap to major projects. WIL is the common glue that can bind any off-the-shelf or custom Windows and DOS programs together. Software from any vendor can be combined to make a solution. Automated business solutions save time, save money, and make money for the companies using them to leverage their investment in hardware, software and people.

With the WebBatch implementation of WIL, your Windows NT-based web server can process orders, dynamically respond to visitor choices, manage group discussion lists, and public tech support pages; nearly anything you've seen done on the Internet using Perl or C can often be done much easier and faster using WIL.

What is WinBatch

WinBatch is the Windows desktop automation solution that lets you take nearly anything your computer can do, and assign it to a simple menu selection, command or icon. You've got the power of a complete programming language at your fingertips, so you can create simple, useful applications, like a utility that prints files overnight.

The "WinBatch+Compiler" lets you compile your applications into .EXE files and distribute them to anyone you want, royalty-free - great for network system administrators.

WinBatch controls Windows, Windows applications, and network connections.

WinBatch is one of several Wilson WindowWare products that use our Windows Interface Language (WIL), a full-featured programming language with over 500 functions for controlling nearly every aspect of your computer. Many WIL functions can accomplish more in a single line statement, than what could take pages of forms design, property setting and coding in other programming languages.

What WinBatch can do

WinBatch functions can manipulate:
  • The operating system
  • The Windows interface
  • Any and all Windows applications
  • Most MS DOS applications
  • Most networks
WinBatch is often used to assemble reports, install software, automate testing, control processes, acquire data, and add efficiency to the Windows workstation.

WinBatch is optimized for making quick work of custom system management utilities.

Activate one WinBatch icon or file and you can run from one to thousands of operations. One WinBatch script can squeeze any number of operations into a single batch file that runs just like a Windows program. It can run from a Windows shell or any application that can run another application.

With over 500 functions, WinBatch can:
  • Solve numerous system management problems
  • Run Windows and DOS programs
  • Send keystrokes directly to applications
  • Send menu items directly to Windows applications
  • Rearrange, resize, hide, and close windows
  • Run programs either concurrently or sequentially
  • Display information to the user in various formats
  • Prompt the user for any needed input
  • Present scrollable file and directory lists
  • Copy, move, delete, and rename files
  • Read and write files directly
  • Copy text to and from the Clipboard
  • Perform string and arithmetic operations
  • Make branching decisions based upon numerous factors
  • Call Dynamic Link Libraries
  • Act as an OLE 2.0 automation client
  • And much, much more

Screenshots - More Details

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