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eBook Blaster 1.07 - User Guide and FAQ

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e-Book Blaster - eBranders

Brander fully restructures and repacks your eBook, respecting tags which are to replace. Replacement takes place only in text, not in tags. Also some content is ignored, like: images, exe files etc. The size of branded eBook does not have to co-inside with the size of original eBook. Brander can open only those eBooks which branding number is in its brander list. Tags to be replaced cannot contain string "->".

Each eBook has its own branding number, which can be serial number of primary partition, or unique OLE GUID. You can create full or light eBranders (when light option is set). Light eBrander can replace only given tags while the full brander can replace any text.
  1. Lite eBrander: Can only brand tags that you have prepared in the eBook source.
  2. Full eBrander: Can brand ANY text in your eBooks.
I.e. If you sell your eBooks you might want your affiliates to be able to brand there own affiliate info into your eBook.

Screenshots - More Details

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