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Mergemill is website development and database tools. You may use it to quickly create thousands of static web pages from simple text files, spreadsheets or databases, to be published on the web or CD-ROM.

Download Site       Buy Now $99.00

Version: 3.9 Publisher:
File Size: 12 MB System: Windows ME/NT/2000/XP
License: Free to try ($99.00) Limitations: time limited
Date Added: 04-14-2008 Requirements:  

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Software Description:
Mergemill is a versatile static web publishing and database tool that merges templates with data feeds to generate your desired output files, quickly and easily.

It serves well in many steps of your web publishing workflow, especially when you need to web publish text-based contents. You may use it to quickly create thousands of static web pages from text files, spreadsheets or databases, to be published on the Web or CD-ROM. You can easily set up FTP accounts, and instruct Mergemill to automatically upload generated web pages.

Source contents may come from any text editor, FileMaker Pro, MS Access, 4th Dimension, MS Excel, AppleWorks, or any database that can export data in XML, Merge or tab-separated text format.

Key Features:
  • Scripting with Mergemill's tags in templates is far easier than developing a database-driven web application.
  • Any web host can serve your website.
  • Your website performance is far better.
  • You may easily manage your contents in text files, spreadsheets or databases.
  • You may identify the most common browse paths and use Mergemill to generate easy links on your web pages. This creates a better experience for your visitors. Doing this dynamically may cause a big performance impact on your website.
  • You make it very easy for search engines to index your site, which will boost your search result rankings and therefore traffic to your website.
  • The generated pages can be easily viewed locally with a web browser, and so are perfect for distribution on CD-ROMs.
  • Your database can be kept offline, which eliminates many security and data privacy issues.
Editor's Review:
You can quickly create web pages and have them automatically uploaded via FTP, anytime. Mergemill's rich set of tags for content and date insertion as well as branching and looping control enable professional website builders or web developers to easily create static web databases.

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