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Mergemill - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

Mergemill is a versatile content merging software. You can easily generate many web pages from databases, spreadsheets or simple text files, or restructure database data into readable form for publishing.

Version 3.9 brings the following new and improved features:

Most database users keep data in a set of related tables for many good reasons. You may have an items table that is related to your products table, or an invoice table related to customer details. Mergemill 3.9 fits the way you manage your information. To generate web pages from your relational database, you simply export your content and lookup tables into separate files, and include the lookup extension in Mergemill tags wherever appropriate in your templates.

Mergemill supports XML documents as source files since Dec. 2003. Version 3.9 takes this one step further by allowing you to specify an URL for the external source file. This improvement opens for you the door to collaborative web publishing.

There are several other improvements. An important one is that Mergemill 3.9 will not generate those files with no dynamic content. This is particularly helpful where you have no control on the availability of online source XML documents.

[ Top of Page ] Getting Started

WINDOWS Installation 1.

Download mm_setup.exe from our Download web page. 2.

Run mm_setup.exe and follow the instructions to install Mergemill.

3. After installation, you can launch Mergemill from the Start menu.

MAC OS9 Installation 1.

Download mergemill_os9.sea.hqx from our Download web page. 2.

If you have StuffIt Expander installed, it should automatically decode the downloaded file. Otherwise, obtain and install StuffIt Expander, and double click on mergemill_os9.sea.hqx to restore mergemill_os9.sea, which you then double click to extract the software folder.

3. Once the Mergemill folder is restored, drag it to the Applications (Mac OS9) folder inside your Mac HD. 4.

You may open the Mergemill folder, make an alias and place it on your desktop.

MAC OSX Installation

1. Download mergemill_osx.dmg.hqx from our Download web page.

2. Once downloaded, the installer volume will be automatically mounted and opened. Drag the Mergemill folder into the Applications folder inside your Mac HD.

3. You may open the Mergemill folder and drag the Mergemill application icon to the Dock.

When you run Mergemill the first time, it will ask you for a data file. Click the New button in the Open File dialog box to create one. The next step is to select the menu item File > Registration to enter your software registration code, which you may easily purchase via our website at

When you reach this point, you are all ready to create your first job, template, source contents, and run the job to create your output files.

Screenshots - More Details

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