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Link Checker Workshop 1.0

The Most Effective Link Checker present. Link Checker Workshop is used to parse your link partners' sites and search for your link.

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $47.00

Version: 1.0 Publisher:
File Size: 706 KB System: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003
License: Free to try ($47.00) Limitations: 100 runs
Date Added: 04-25-2007 Requirements:  

The Screenshot of Link Checkup
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Software Description:

The most important thing in a SEO campaign are the links, right? Right!

  • If you don't use a link exchange management system then you may ask yourself "Where are my reciprocal links?". You don't know? Well, about 50% to 70% of them are gone and you don't know which of them are on and which ones have been lost. You loose links! You have to do something about it.
  • If you do use a link exchange management system, but the system reports that the links are not there anymore. --> what if they were moved? but you think they are gone and they are NOT... and you delete your partner link. Or you write many e-mails just to find out that the link was moved... and if you don't receive an answer you will presume that the link is lost and will delete your partner's link. You loose links!
  • You found them using your link exchange management system :) --> you think everything is OK, but the links may be worth nothing. Your link may be put on an orphan links page (not linked from the homepage) or on a very deep links page (many link steps away from the homepage) where sunshine never shines. In this case you were cheated :( You loose links! So much labour goes lost...
  • rel=nofollow? meta tags restrictions? Robots.txt restrictions? You are cheated and... You loose links! You lost so much work and... Profits. You finally have to do something about it.
Why loose 50% to 70% of your link partners, due to the lack of sharpness in their behavior? ...Or because they cheat on you?
Don't any longer! There is an answer!
There is a solution that will change your SEO link campaign from upside down and will make your link populary raise with more than 300%! Eventually, developing your SEO campaign with the right, comprehensive and completely relaible approach, will lead to increasing your popularity and hence your web Profits as no other SEO technology nor approach could ever do - 300% increase.

It is the new Link Checker Workshop v1.0 Software, which is The Most Effective Link Checker present. Link Checker Workshop is used to parse your link partners' sites and search for your link.

Key Features:
  • Parse from the homepage of your link partners' sites down in depth. As a result, the shortest path is found from the homepage to the links page where your link is situated (if your link is there at all).
  • The parsing process is fully optimized - Link Checker Workshop is a multi-threaded software that will parse simultaneously a large number of partner sites. Thus lots of time will be saved and you will obtain the needed results much sooner compared to a single-threaded link checker software. Also, content rich websites will take longer to be checked and parsing in parallel will not delay small sites from beight checked due to large sites sitting in the front of the queue.
  • The parsing process will be done to depth 2 (two links away from the homepage) because links on link pages deeper than 2 are of almost no value to your link popularity and you should request moving of your link to a shallower links page.
  • Links will be checked against cheating with rel=nofollow attribute. Thus you will avoid cheathers from "eating" your link popularity.
Editor's Review:

It is the new Link Checker Workshop v1.0 Software, which is The Most Effective Link Checker present. Link Checker Workshop is used to parse your link partners' sites and search for your link.

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