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Weezo Media Server - Pefect for Wii

mac file recoveryWeezo can be used as a "media center" for the Nintendo Wii console, making it possible to use your Wii to access the media files stored on your PC.

To do this you need to:
- connect your Wii to the internet (and to your local network) using the wi-fi connection,
- install the Opera browser on the Wii, and install Weezo on the PC containing the media files to be shared.


The first step is to create a User Group which will be used for access by the Wii (the "Wii group").

If you do not wish to make these shares accessible to other computers (or Wii consoles) on the internet, we advise you to limit access to this account to your local network. To do this, first select the Wii group, then click on the "IP Restrictions" button. Next select "Local Network Only", then "Save".

The second step is to create and configure the shares, and then associate them with the Wii group.

To do that, proceed in the same manner as you would to create and configure shares that are to be accessed by remote computers.


Initial connection

On your Wii console, select the internet browser, then click on the "Enter Address" button.

For the registered users, go to the address:

Note: This address differs from that used for access by a computer.

It is also possible to go directly to the LAN IP address of the PC on which Weezo is running.

When the connection page loads, select the Wii group, and, if you have opted for authentication, enter the password.

Note: To make subsequent access easier, this password does not have to be entered on later visits.

At this point we advise you to add the current page to the Wii's favorites, to make accessing it easier.

A note about the playback of videos: To enjoy full-screen videos, we advise you to hide the browser's navigation bar. To exit the playback of the video, restore the navigation bar and click "Back".


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