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  • Search Rules of Qweas Software Search Engine

    Please read this search rules to get the best search expericences about Qweas. There are many tips for increasing the search speed and results of Qweas, you will get it after you read the following.
    • If you want to search a certain product and you know the product's name, please enter the software name exactly, for example, WinZIP

    • A search term includes several different words must be seperated by blank spaces, for example, Windows Media Player

    • Do not include single characters as a word, for example, "a cd maker" = "cd maker", the single character "a" will be ignored.

    • Do not include non-important words in the search term like "an", "the", "as", "is", and so on.

    • If you want to get results including a search term with exact matching, you may include the terms with ["], for example, "windows media player".

    • Describe what you want to get with a simple and accurate key term, for example, if you need a program to make a screensaver, you may try the search term like "screensaver maker", "screensaver creator", and so on.

    • If the search results do not match your needs, you may try to adjust the words order in your search term, make the important word in your search term to the previous place. For example, if you search with "MP3 Mixer", you will get a lot results about "MP3" but few about "Mixer", then you may try to search by "Mixer MP3".

    • A search term is not case sensitive. Any entered keywords will be turned into lower case for matching.

    • If the search speed is slow, you may try to search the "Qweas Downloads", or try the "Advanced Search" to search by adding filtering conditions.

    • If you want to search products by conditions, you may try the "Advanced Search". The conditions include: Operating Systems, Licenses (Shareware, Freeware, Adware, etc.), Prices, File Sizes, Released Dates, Catetories, and so on.

    • You may also try the related search terms recommended by our system listed at the right of the search results.

    • Search FAQ - See this Search FAQ to get the answers of your questions that most users met.

    • Feedback - Report your search experiences to us and tell us what you want to find. We appreciate your feedback, and we will improve the search quality based on your feedback.

    • Suggest Software - If you know a product that is not included in this search results, please suggest it to us, thank you.

    • Search Rules - See this search rules to know tips about our search engine. Increase search accuracy and speed.

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