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SpamRemover 1.9

Easy to integrate with your favorite e-mail client to leave you with a clean and uncluttered inbox.

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File Size:2,141 KB System:Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($19.95) Limitations:15 days
Date Added:06-07-2006 Requirements: 

General Settings - SpamRemover
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Software Description:
SpamRemover is a powerful anti spam program that runs on your computer.
Once installed, it is trying to set the most common e-mail clients to enable the spam filtering. All incoming e-mails will go through SpamRemover which filters, compares and learns from e-mails you get daily, so you'll get a clean mailbox in just a few days. It might take a few days for SpamRemover to adapt to your needs.

Key Features:
  • While you are doing your work, it's learning in background.
  • Use latest research in this domain.
  • Ask for confirmation from sender.
  • Support word filter.
  • Active security and passive security.
  • Keep a backup of your e-mail.
  • Stay up to date
  • Display advanced email statistics so you'll be able to evaluate and adjust the SpamRemover's performances.
  • Advanced text recognition
Editor's Review:
SpamRemover can learn from your actions to adapt to your needs. A few days later, it can filter junk e-mail accurately.

After setting General, Tray Area, Connection, Filter Properties, you can use it very conveniently. You can use Training Area to teach SpamRemover how to recognize spam e-mails.

Each word from SpamRemover's words list has assigned a value that represents the possibility for the email. Set the maximum spam value of the emails that may be achieved, so that some coming emails will be considered as Spam determinately.

SpamRemover searches e-mail messages for spam words and calculates their probabilities. A mail is treated as spam if a certain probability has been reached.

Compared with other anti-spam applications, SpamRemover is very flexible and really easy to use.

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