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Spyware Detector 15.8 - User Guide and FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions - Spyware Detector

  1. How do I scan spywares using Spyware Detector?
    Generally after installing Spyware Detector, it automatically opens the main application. If you try to open it later, click Start > Programs > Spyware Detector > SpywareDetector.exe. The main user interface of the application will open. First of all it will open the Tips for how to use Spyware Detector. To go through the tips, click on Next Tip button. If you are finished or don't want to go through tips, Click on Cancel button or Close button on the right top of the window. Then it loads the database showing you a progressive bar. After it all, it will prompt you to perform scanning using two options:
    1. Quick Scan
    2. Full Scan

    Quick Scan option scans the hard drive where the operating system is installed.

    Full Scan option scans all the selected hard drives present on the computer. Click on the scan option you want to perform and scanning will start. A list of all the spywares that are detected will be shown in the interface.

  2. How do I quarantine spywares?
    After scanning is done, Spyware Detector will prompt a message window to ask you if you want to quarantine the detected spywares or not. If you click on Quarantine button, it will quarantine the scanned spywares. (If Spyware Detector is not registered or Subscription period is expired, it will not let you quarantine the scanned items.) Quarantining the spyware entries means that we are deactivating the spyware itself and it will not be able to infect the machine or do any activity harmful to computer. If you don't want to quarantine any spyware entry, click on Cancel button.

  3. Should I restart the machine after Quarantining spyware entries?
    Definitely Yes! You must restart the machine after you have quarantined the spywares as some spyware entries are not quarantined at the same time as they may be in use. So, those entries are quarantined properly only after you restart the PC. Spyware Detector itself asks you to restart the PC whenever it finds any entry which could not be quarantined at the same time. After restarting machine, open the application and click on Recover button, Select all spywares and click on Delete button. Sometimes you might have to scan the PC again after this process and delete them again in the same fashion. It is not because we can not remove them, it is because those are dangerous spywares which keep themselves active until the PC is shutdown, so we again have to track them and delete them.

  4. How do I delete the quarantined spywares?
    After spywares are quarantined, you have to click on Recover button. Check the box "Select All spywares to recover/ delete" to Recover or Delete the quarantined spyware entries. Recovering the spywares means they will be reactivated. Deleting them will permanently remove them from the computer. Click on Delete button to remove the spywares.

  5. How do I use Exclude option?
    We have provided a very useful option for the users who use some kind of file sharing or P2P programs, that is Exclude option. There are some softwares which come under the category of keyloggers or RAT (Remote Administrative Tools) but people still use them, in that case we give the user the freedom to choose not to scan those entries at all. After performing full scan before quarantining, go to "Options" button and click on "Exclude"tab. This will provide a list of spywares that are detected in the scanning process. Select the spyware which you want to exclude from being detected. Next time you scan your PC using Spyware Detector, those spywares will not get scanned. You can also put back these spywares for scanning using the Recover option next to Exclude tab.

  6. Does Spyware Detector remove viruses?
    No. It is mainly focused on detecting and deleting Spywares, Adwares, Trojans, Worms, Key loggers, Browser hijackers and Tracking cookies.

  7. How do I block pop-ups?
    Please do a full scan daily to ensure protection against spywares that are generating these pop-ups.

  8. How do I enable Spyware Detector on Startup?
    Go to "Options" tab, click on "Product Information" and check the "Start Scan when windows start" under the Auto Scan option. Next time when you restart the PC, it will automatically scan your PC as per the option selected. If you just select Log Only option,it will only scan the PC and show you the log. If you select Quarantine option here, it will automatically quarantine the scanned spywares without asking you.

Screenshots - More Details

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