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Audio editor / sound recorder 3.4

Edit MP3 and WAV files with audio editor, and use sound recorder to record audio files from tapes, vinyl, microphone, mixing deck, etc.

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File Size:3,022 KB System:Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($24.95) Limitations:Some features are disabled
Date Added:10-31-2005 Requirements:Sound Card

Screenshot of Audio editor / sound recorder
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Software Description:
You can use the audio editor software and sound recorder to edit MP3 and WAV formats, create WAV files from tapes, vinyl, microphone, mixing deck etc. and to decode MP3 to WAV.

The audio editor software allows you to load, record and edit WAV and MP3 files. MP3 files can be saved as WAV after editing. Using the graphical interface you can select and zoom in on small areas for accurate editing, apply effects and convert to different WAV formats. Drag the mouse over the graphic to select an area to work on. Click on Zoom to show the selected area. If you don't like the result of your editing, there are three levels of undo and redo.

Sliders and menu effects buttons.
Use the sliders to set the effects parameters, and then press the appropriate menu button to create the effect.

Adding effects to a selected area
Select an area of the audio file by dragging the mouse over the graphic (hold the left button down), or use Punch In/Out to listen and select an area. Adding effects to the whole file. Make sure the position bar is set to the start of the graphic before applying the effect. The easiest way to do this is to press the Rewind button.

Record from microphone or line-in input of your sound card. Enter a pre-set time for the recorder to stop recording, this is handy if you know the length of a song on tape or vinyl etc. Editing large wav files requires a large amount of memory. If possible, record two or three songs at a time and then split them using the editor.

Key Features:
  • Auto stop timer - stop recording after a preset time - handy if you know the length of a song on tape or vinyl.
  • Record new files or append to existing files.
  • Auto Gain option adjusts during recording to give smooth recorded volume.
  • Select format before recording.
  • Punch In/Out allows area to be selected during playback ready for editing.
  • Play, Stop, Pause, Record.
  • Effects - Amplify, Normalize, Echo, Stretch, Fade in/out, Invert, Reverse.
  • Apply effects to all or selected area.
  • Easy adjustment of effects parameters using sliders.
  • Tools - Zoom in/out, Cut/Copy/Paste/Mix, Null signal, Insert silence, Convert format.
  • Three levels of Undo/Redo
Editor's Review:
The smart interface that Audio editor / sound recorder offers is very easy to operate.

Being divided into two parts(visual editor area & effects parameters area), this audio editor software allows you to select target area and change kinds of parameters freely and quickly.

As to my experience of the audio editor software and sound recorder, its Help document impressed me most, which is written detailedly and in very refined words. Thus, under the help of the Help document, you needn't to be afraid of meeting troubles, even if it's very fresh to you.

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