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FlexiMusic Wave Editor - User Guide and FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions - FlexiMusic Wave Editor

  1. How to fade out music?
    FlexiMusic Wave Editor gives you all the tools you need to splice multiple songs together, add effects, increase/decrease speed, and produce very professional, seamless results.
    1. Open the file in FlexiMusic Wave Editor.
    2. If you want to fade out, select the part of a sound (do a selection with mouse).
    3. Choose Fade Out (Menu > Volume > Fade Out) or click the Fade Out button at the top. Fade Out is used to reduce the volume gradually from 100% to 0% in the selected range.
    4. You will see the waveform tapering from high to low after processing.
    5. Save the file.

  2. How to split an audio file into two or three sections?
    To split an audio file into two or three sections you need to select each part separately and use the command "Save Selected".
    1. Open the file in FlexiMusic Wave Editor.
    2. Select the part of a sound: The Selected part or selection is the highlighted part of the sound graph between two vertical select bars. You can use "click-and-drag" selection method, which will change both start and end points.
    3. Play the selected audio by choosing "Play Selected" on the tool button, and if needed adjust the select position by dragging the selection bar left and right.
    4. Use the Save Selected (Menu > File > Save Selected) to save small part of the waveform that has been selected or highlighted to it's own separate file.
    5. It is safer to save that file by giving the file a new name.
    6. Repeat the same steps for the next part.

  3. Is it possible to separate the right and left channel of an MP3 file and save into different files?
    In FlexiMusic Wave Editor it is possible to separate the right and left channels separately and save to a different files.
    1. Open the MP3 song in FlexiMusic Wave Editor.
    2. Use Select All (Menu > Select > Select All) or click the Select All button at the bottom.
    3. Use one of the three small buttons (Blue / White buttons in the bottom) to toggle the selection or use the Menu > Select > Select left channel Only. Left or Right channel alone is selected.
    4. Use Save Selected Part (Menu > File > Save Selected Part) to save it's own separate file.
    5. Save the file using the "Save As" command giving the file a new name.
    6. Repeat the same steps for other channel.

  4. Is there any sound or quality reduction when I edit my mp3 file many times?
    MP3 files are highly compressed or loss compression wave files. They are about 1/10 the size of wave files. MP3s are created by taking wave audio data and processing it with a special algorithm. This algorithm removes parts of the audio that practically cannot be detected with the human ear; in actuality, there will be some degradation of quality, this depends on the quality/bit-rate you choose to encode the file. (Lower the bit-rate, Higher the quality reduction).

    Mp3 conversion should be done only once after completing your editing. To send audio file to others through internet or writing to Mp3 CD use *.Mp3 format. Still keep the master copy as *.Wav file before converting to Mp3 format.

    While opening and saving the Mp3 files many times, the quality will be reduced for each time. Better to save using the normal audio format (*.Wav).

  5. How do I save my recording or song in my PC, to an audio CD?
    After making a recording or editing an audio file in FlexiMusic Wave Editor, follow these steps to work on an audio CD:
    1. Standard audio CDs contains 16 bit, stereo audio at a sampling rate of 44100Hz. Most CD Recorder programs require wav files in that format. So you need to save the audio file in this format using FlexiMusic Wave Editor.
    2. Save each song (track) to different files, naming Track01, Track02...
      Note: You are limited to 79 minutes and 30 seconds of audio per recorded audio CD. FlexiMusic Wave Editor can cut a song smaller or join multiple songs as a one song. In such a way that when you add the durations of all the songs the total should not exceeds these numbers (79 minutes and 30 seconds).
    3. Many PCs have CD ROM that can only read, you need"CD Writer" hardware in your PC. Use CD-R discs, because some players cannot read CD-RW.
    4. Use any CD-recording software to burn audio file to a CD.
      Note: When you buy the CD writer there will be free software together with that, you can use that to burn the CD. It is best to use the software supplied by the manufacturer of CD writer to write to CD.
    5. To make a disc that can play in normal CD players, In CD-recording software you have to choose to create a "Music" or "Audio" CD (not a "Data" CD).
    6. Run the CD writing software to write the audio file to CD.
    7. After CD has been successfully created (check if you can read it).

Screenshots - More Details

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