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Quartet X2 Music Studio Gold Edition 2.6

Compose, create, edit, and record CD-quality music with this professional multi-track music composition program.

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $24.95

File Size:3,019 KB System:Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($24.95) Limitations:15 days free trial
Date Added:11-02-2005 Requirements:sound card

Screenshot of Quartet X2 Music Studio Gold Edition
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Software Description:
Do you want to be a recording artist?

Becoming famous as a musician, rock star or a recording artist is the same difficulty as to become a famous movie star. It probably has more to do with alignment of the constellations than with actual ability. We all know that this isn't the thing that can be taught. However, if you need a boost in the technical support of musical composition and recording, you have come to the right place here. We'll get you started by walking you through the steps of using Quartet X2 Music Studio, software that is designed to let even the most inexperienced musician compose and record music. We will also show you how to write and print your own sheet music along with lyrics, using the new Quartet Songwriter notation software.

Quartet X2 Music Studio Gold Edition, the multi-channel music creation tool, is an advanced version of the popular music creation tool. It's packed with different features, including the new Quartet Keyboard and a unique musical instrument that behaves just like a hardware keyboard. Its new feature, called "Melody Maker" lets you create a full-length music score at the click of your mouse.

So use it for live performance, or to compose, edit, record CD-quality music as a composition tool .

Key Features:
  • 12 channel Midi synth/music composer/score editor, with recording and MP3 conversion capability.
  • Quartet Midi Keyboard, a unique software keyboard that can be configured for custom keyboard patterns to mimic different instrument fingering techniques.
  • Quartet Musicmaker, a score creation tool for developing full-length instrumental compositions, harmonics and percussion sections.
  • Total Sound Control for each note; Simplified score editing; Polyphonics, Modulation, Reverb, Pan, Chorus.
Editor's Review:
Stemmed from Quartet X2 Music Studio, Quartet X2 Music Studio Gold Edition is produced to meet professional users' demand.

The colorful skins, rich functions, simple operations and vivid performance access you to finish complicated compositions and bring you unusual creating experience full of passions and joys.

Though its main users are professionals, the smart interface and simple operations enables you to master this music maker as quickly as possible. So, don't worry, even this is your first time to use the music maker, music composer and editor of this kind.

My pleasure to recommend you - this music creation software!

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