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MP3 Player - Morpher 2.0 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

Frequently Asked Questions - MP3 Player - Morpher

  1. How to rip audio tracks from a CD to the hard disk of my computer?
    - Click the Grabber button on the module bar to open AV CD Grabber.
    - Insert a CD into the CD driver, then press Update Drive Info on the toolbar to load all tracks to this module.
    - Check the box before each track to select what you want to rip.
    - Press Edit Track Label on the toolbar and type a name for each track so that you will not have to rename the files after ripping.
    - Press Start Grabbing on the toolbar. The Grabbing dialog will come up.
    - Select an Output Folder and an Output File Format for your files, then click Grab to begin the grabbing process.

  2. I can not grab or burn a CD because ASPI is not found in my computer.
    Regarding this problem, download the proper ASPI driver.

  3. Can I choose many functions, such as Voice Morpher, Tempo Morpher, Cher Modulation, etc. simultaneously to morph a song?
    Normally, to make sure your music file is morphed with the highest quality, the software just allows you to modify it step by step. After finishing your first morph, you can choose another function and continue to morph. You can do several times until getting the file of your wish. Also, you can apply any available effects to make the music more interesting.

Screenshots - More Details

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