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Visual MP3 4.3.1 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

Frequently Asked Questions - Visual MP3

  1. What's Visual MP3 Database?
    Visual MP3 Database stores all the information of MP3s. It uses "flat" database technology and makes great improvements over previous systems in data storage efficiency and hard disk usage.

  2. What's the information needed for a new dialog box?
    You must give the Title,Artist,Album and MP3 Filename. It's recommended to specify the MP3 Filename. The rest can be filled in automatically.

  3. How can mp3 songs be loop-played?
    You can turn it on or off in Options dialog box.

  4. How can I delete the current record without confirming?
    Put a check mark in the "Delete without being asked" checkbox before you delete it.

Screenshots - More Details

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