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Visual MP3 4.3.1 - Screenshots

User Guide and FAQ - More Details

screenshot of main window
An integrated CD Ripper lets you rip audio straight from a CD into either MP3, Ogg and Wav format.

ID3 tag screenshot of Visual MP3
The player itself features all the usual suspects, including support for ID3 tags, playlists and CDDB data; and an equaliser for fine-tuning how your music sounds.

screenshot of Visual MP3
Supports CD to MP3, CD to Ogg Vorbis and CD to WAV formats, and multiple modes for jitter correction, or multithreaded read and encode process.

screenshot of mini mp3 player
This is Visual MP3 mini mp3 player.

Visual MP3 report
An auto-search facility will search a chosen folder (and all sub folders) to find and catalogue all MP3s automatically.

User Guide and FAQ - More Details

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