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MIDI Maestro MM4 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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Digital Audio

screenshot of MIDI Maestro MM4
  • The WaveMaker is used to convert MIDI to Audio (WAVE or WMA); a great tool for making rehearsal CDs.
  • Waveform audio clips may be combined with your MIDI tracks; great for sound effects and to add color to your performance.
  • Import MP3, AIFF, WMA, WAV and other audio formats.
  • Powerful waveform audio visualization features.
  • Support for VSTi software synthesizers.
  • ASIO driver support.

Recording and Arrangement

screenshot of MIDI Maestro MM4
  • MIDI Maestro is also a powerful MIDI creation and editing tool.
  • Uses a standard click, drag & drop interface
  • The staff view organizes music into standard notation.
  • Printing to all standard staff sizes is supported.
  • There're also piano roll, event list, velocity, time and controller views.
  • Harp pedal emulation to easily create perfect glissandos
  • Extensive, expandable synthesizer patch name library to organize your patches
  • Extensive guitar chord tab library

Screenshots - More Details

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