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Sound Snooper 1.3

Sound recording software supports all sound formats, and secretly records all sound activity using microphone.

Buy Now $34.95

File Size:256 KB System:Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($34.95) Limitations:30 days trial
Date Added:01-05-2006 Requirements:Sound card, adapter

record various sound - Sound Snooper
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Software Description:
Sound Snooper is sound activated recording software that can be used to record all sound using microphone. The sound recording software can be used as a dictaphone as well. Sound Snooper allows user to capture sound conversations fully automatically. Most of the time recording remains inactive, until a sound is detected.

This sound recording software begins to record as soon as a voice or other sound appears on the line. Sound Snooper will stop recording once sound activity disappear on line.

Sound Snooper consists of two programs:
  • Service - this is sound recorder. It starts in totally stealth (undetectable) mode and records all sound activity. The user can not see this program, because it does not have GUI (graphical user interface). Only output WAV files can be seen and played back. Service program is active and records sound activity even if there is no user logged into the system.
  • Control Program - this is configuration program, that user runs to see recording progress, change settings etc. Service is always active and does the job regardless whether or not Control Program is run.

Key Features:
  • Multiple sound cards support simultaneously
  • All sound formats are supported (WAVE PCM, MP3, DSP Truespeech, GSM 6.10, and many others)
  • Voice activated recording. Sound Snooper does not have Start and Stop buttons at all!
  • The sound recording software constantly monitors sound volume, and starts recording if volume is larger than specified threshold, ans stops recording if sound volume is low.
  • Sound Snooper recording module runs as a service, and does not have GUI at all.
  • Sound Snooper does not require windows logon.
  • Very low system resources using by the sound recording software.
Editor's Review:
Sound Snooper record sound by automatically monitoring sound card acivity. It's well designed, e.g, very small, simple interface, very convenient to use. While, the most powerful function maybe detects and records voice only. This intelligent feature can save your disk space.

Sound Snooper is completely undetectable, thus very secure to use. This sound recording software supports recording any sound formats and multiple sound card, thus can be widely use to record conference, phone calls, Radio broadcasts, monitor and spy. In general, Sound Snooper should be very useful and interesting.

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