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Image to PDF Desktop Application 2.01 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

Getting Started

To try this out straight away run the Image to PDF Desktop Application (which defaults to the Images tab - see below) and click on the "Add Images" button to add one of your images from "My Documents" and then click the "Make PDF" button to produce your first PDF document. It really is that easy!

NB. If you installed Image to PDF using the "Complete" installation option (or chose the "Custom" installation option and selected the "Test Image" component) then this will have installed "Image2PDFTestImage.jpg" in your "My Documents" folder.

Once you have produced a simple PDF document you can then experiment with the other options that are available to you.

NB. Every change to every setting that you make is remembered so that the next time you run the Image to PDF Desktop Application you can carry on where you left off - very useful if you have some standard settings that you like to use.

Screenshots - More Details

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