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Cosmo Bots 1.02

Qix and Jezzball fans will love this super-addictive new game

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $19.99

File Size:6,845 KB System:Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($19.99) Limitations: 
Date Added:11-25-2005 Requirements:DirectX 7.0 or later, pentium 300 or better

the main window
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Software Description:
Creepy little bugs have infested your space station! It's time to get out your drill and fix the damage - and maybe take a few bugs out along the way! Complete each level by filling in the empty space, but don't let the pesky little bugs touch your lines.

There are many different enemies in Cosmo Bots- each with its own special characteristics. If you manage to fill an area of the board that contains an enemy, it will explode, helping make the rest of the level easier for you to fill.

Key Features:
  • Over 500 levels of action!
  • Addictive gameplay that will keep you happy for hours.
  • Easy to control, easy to play- have fun immediately.
  • You'll be playing in no time because Cosmo Bots is only a 6.5 meg download. That's only 15 minutes on a 56k modem.
Editor's Review:
The controls of Cosmo Bots are very simple. Just move your mouse to position your shooter, then press the mouse button to release your shot. The direction of the shooter is automatically chosen for you; but if you're a big-shot expert, try clicking the right mouse button to override and pick your own direction.
Every level in Cosmo Bots has what we call "Quota". Quota is the amount of the level that you have to fill before being allowed to advance to the next. Except for the very first level, quota is always 85%. That means you have to fill 85% of the level before going to the next one.

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