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Mix & Match 3.3.0

A magic kid memory and concentration game which can help your children's memory and concentration skills, inside or outside the classroom.

Download Site       Buy Now $19.95

File Size:6,117 KB System:Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003
License:Free to try ($19.95) Limitations:Cardsets is invisible
Date Added:12-22-2005 Requirements:Windows system

The Screenshot of Mix & Match
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Software Description:
Mix & Match is the magic kid memory and concentration game for anyone who wants to help their children's memory and concentration skills, inside or outside the classroom. This game supports GIF, BMP and JPG formats pictures. It allows you use your own pictures and make your own categories, which alone makes the possibilities endless.

You also easily add, change and remove categories using its cardset manager. Mix & Match offers 3 sizes of game play: 20, 30, or 42 cards. It allows you to choose different background motifs, even load your own background picture. This game also limits time for different levels. Plus, it's a fun game, offering cool options and visual effects to keep children interested!

Key Features:
  • Make Mix & Match your own game
  • Create your own categories
  • Support GIF, BMP and JPG pictures
  • Allow you to add, change and remove categories
  • 3 Sizes of gameplay: 20, 30, or 42 cards
  • Support changing background of game
  • Play against other players (4 players max)
Editor's Review:
Mix & Match is so wonderful that improves children's memory effectively while them are playing. It effectively helps parents who want to improve their kids' memory and concentration skills. This game supports you to create your owne categories so you can play whatever game fits your mood.

You can use artwork, favorite pictures, TV and Movies, and anything you can think of. This feature makes you never play the same game twice. It is very interesting. You also can change the background of game using your own picture. The game can support GIF, BMP, and JPG formats. You can make your own game with it.

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