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River Raider II   - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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Frequently Asked Questions - River Raider II

  1. What is 3D accelerator and why do I need it?

    3D accelerator is a graphic card. It supports 2D and 3D graphics acceleration through hardware and greatly improves DirectX and/or OpenGL game performance. Some games can crush if you card not support certain DirectX/OpenGL features in hardware.

  2. What is OpenGL?

    OpenGL is a low-level API (application programming interface) that combines the ability to render top quality 3D graphic images with leading PC performance.

  3. My 3D card is fully OpenGL compatible but my game still crushes.

    To make the game that demands OpenGL run please download the latest versions of drivers available at vendor's page. For more details visit our drivers first aid page.

  4. I can't run the game because it says that I am missing files or another error.

    Please check the system requirements of the game. If there could be no problem with them please check out your OpenGL drivers. They may be in need of update. If this doesn't help please reinstall the game.

Screenshots - More Details

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