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Sports Game

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Football-o-saurus Football-o-saurus 1.1a - You control your dinosaur by simply pointing where you want him to move to, and pass the ball by clicking on where you want to aim.
Download 1 |  Download 2 |  Buy Now |  Screenshot   1,005 KB    OS: Win 2K, XP, 2003
Foosball Foosball 1.0a - Play a game of Table Football against the computer or against up to 8 people on a network.
Download 1 |  Download 2 |  Buy Now |  Screenshot   577 KB    OS: Win 2K, XP, 2003
Grand Master Chess Online Grand Master Chess Online 2.5 - Grand Master Chess cannot possibly leave any professional or amateur chess player indifferent to all the new possibilities.
Download 1 |  Download 2 |  Buy Now |  Screenshot   4,593 KB    OS: Win 2K, XP, 2003
3D Live Pool v2.56 - This game simulates pool on your computer with full 3-D environment and perfect 3D sound. It features easy and addictive game play, supports 3-Ball, 9-Ball, 15-Ball, Straight...
3D Live Snooker v2.22 - It simulates snooker on your computer with full 3-D environment and perfect 3Dd sound. It features addictive game play, supports short snooker and full snooker games.
Digi Pool - Play a cross between billiards, mini golf and an arcade puzzler. Make same-colored balls collide with each other, aim at targets and keep special items...
Gutterball 2 - Experience flavorful 3D graphics, smooth mouse controlled ball-rolling, hilarious characters - and more! Five brand-new alleys including an Iceberg and Jungle await.
Quick Snooker 6.1.63 - Quick Snooker is fully playable with two players on one PC, or 1 Player agaist a computer opponent. You may also sample the on-line Internet play...
Tennis Titans - Hit the courts for some rowdy tennis fun with seven flavorful tennis characters! Featuring simple, easy-to-learn hitting and aiming, Tennis Titans brings together a crazy crew...
Extreme Miniature Golf - Extreme Miniature Golf: Grab your putter, your rifle, the keys to your spaceship and your lucky rabbit's foot! Extreme Miniature Golf is hardly just a round of 18 holes.
Live Billiards 2 2.1 - The newest version of the world's leader pool game released. Now you can play with computer and listen to his uncommon and extraordinary comments as you play...
Mini Golf Challenge 2004 - Mini Golf Challenge 2004: This game is for all ages, whether 5 or 95. It's an extremely easy interface. The game is played with only the mouse.
Miniature Golf Mayhem - Green after green of arrogant ground hogs, pinball bumper courses, deadly water drops, and racing track themed holes await your arrival in this unusual miniature golf game.
Pinball Golf Pool 1.1 - This game includes three popular worldwide ball games: Pinball, Golf and Pool. Dozens of levels with different fields are enough to fill few hours a day.
Suicide Skateboarding - Test your street skating skills in this intense platform skateboarding game. Each course is filled with ramps, pyramids, gaps, road cones, bottomless pits...
The Shuffleboard Challenge - The Shuffleboard Challenge (2002): Bring the bar room shuffleboard table home with this realistic "Human vs. Computer" PC game...
Ye Olde Darts 2.1 - Automatic scoring and logging (leg, set and match) for 501 and 301 makes your darts game fast and competitive. Darts Scorer for use with real darts...
Click Football 1.00102503 - An action packed game of football. This is no manager, or text based game of football. This is an armchair quarterbacks dream.
Dan Gordon's NFL Handicapping Companion - It is regarded as one of the three best handicappers in the sports world and has a winning record as a professional sports bettor for over two decades.
Jump Shot Basketball 5.0 - Jump Shot allows you to accurately simulate professional basketball. Complete customization allows you to create your own league, teams, and players.
KICKNRUSH 1.1 - Take control of the ball in this 3D soccer simulation. An intuitive, easy to grasp user-interface allows you to quickly learn the game and win matches and competitions.
Stunt Island 3D 1.32 - Stunt Island is the bike game with spectacular stunts and a tropical twist! Your goal is simple but challenging - rack up as many points as you can.
Elifoot 2005 PRO 2005.2.1 - Elifoot 2005 PRO is a football management game. You can get fun from playing this game. Each player plays the role of a team coach and manager.
Daisy Reversi 3.1 - The Daisy Reversi program is a high-quality award-winning computer opponent for the well-known logical game Reversi. It supports a human opponent to play against the computer.
iPool 1.6.81 - iPool is the most realistic advanced game, which supports several modes to play and multiplayer online. It also allows you to chat with other players online.

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