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It'sMe 2.05 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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Selecting your Character

Each It'sMe character comes complete with its own wardrobe of clothes. The male and female characters supplied with It'sMe both include 12 sets of outfits. When building your character you have access to all the outfits within the characters wardrobe. You can mix and match any items of clothing from any outfit. You can not mix different outfits from within different character sets.

When It'sMe first opens you can select whether to create a new character or open one of your existing characters. The default characters are store in the Default folder, whereas your personal characters are stored within the My Character folder.

Create a New Character

  1. When the It'sMe application opens, you click New Character from the File menu, or you click the New button located in the Main Navigation Bar the Select Character window will open. You can create a new character by choosing from the available default characters. Use the horizontal scrollbar to page through the available characters. Hightlight your selected character by left clicking the image with your mouse pointer. Once you have made your selection type a name into the Name text box and click OK to continue.

  2. It'sMe will begin to load your chosen character, the status will be show in the Preview Window found on the left. Once loading has complete your character will be displayed in the Preview Window. You can then proceed to the first stage of customizing your chosen character.

Export Wizard

The Export Wizard is a tool designed for you to quickly and easily create professional looking output by selecting from the many available templates. You can launch the Export Wizard by clicking the Export Wizard button located within the Main Navigation Bar.

Before you launch the Export Wizard you should ensure that you have Rendered your output file. If you plan to use one of the graphical templates you should also ensure that you use the Gif Transparency option. From this window you are able to select a group of templates. Groups include: Signature, E-Cards, Computer Desktop/Wallpaper, Posters. Upon selecting a group, the available templates will be displayed in the Select Template window. Page through the templates and select a template by either clicking the template image or selecting the template and then clicking the OK button.

After selecting a template the Preview Window will open. Depending on the type of template you have selected, you can customize it in different way. Signatures, E-Card, Desktop, and Posters all allow you to add your own text to personalize the output. You can switch between the Fit and Real views, Real displays how your final output will appear.

Once you are satisfied with the results you can export in a number of different formats, these include saving as a HTML file, Attaching in an email, Applying to your desktop to be used as your default wallpaper, or Printing.

Frequently Asked Questions - It'sMe

  1. Error Message: "Requires to be run at 800x600 resolution and 16bit high color mode or above".
    The most common reason for this error is due to the host system running in 256 color mode. It'sMe must be run in High color (16bit) or True color (24bit) mode. This can quickly and easily be changed in the display settings found in your control panel.
    If this does not solve your problem, ensure you have the correct or most recent video card drivers installed for you display adapter. Refer to your display adapter manufacturers information for updates regarding Direct draw support.

  2. How do I create my own customized 3D head?
    From within the It'sMe Avatar Editor, step to the Select Face stage of the creation process. Launch the Facial Editor, this tool will allow you to import your own facial image and bond it with the It'sMe wireframe mask to create your 3D head. To begin the fitting process select your head shape from the available list, and then import your image using the Import Image button located in the fitting window.

  3. How do I add sound?
    The add sound pull down menu is only enabled if you select the .avi file format from the 'Export Files' options page. This is because .avi is the only file format which can include sound when exported. If you select a different file format the option will be disabled.

  4. The shadow does not appear on my final output.
    Currently if you select the Transparency option when exporting the shadow will not appear in the final output. This will be fixed in the next update.

Screenshots - More Details

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