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It'sMe 2.05 - Screenshots

User Guide and FAQ - More Details

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The Screenshot of It'sMe
This is main window of It'sMe. It allows you to select a face to create 3D animation.

The Screenshot of It'sMe
It'sMe selectively customizes six different regions of your outfit by choosing from various items found in your wardrobe and setting them to your desired color. The six regions include: Hairstyle, Upper Body, Lower Body, Shoes, Accessories and SkinTone.

The Screenshot of It'sMe
It'sMe supports background images and musics to select.

The Screenshot of It'sMe
All popular graphical file formats supported including: .avi movie files; Animated .gif files; .bmp & .jpg sequence files; single frame .bmp , .jpg and .gif format files.

The Screenshot of It'sMe
It'sMe supports you to create astonishing personalized and fully animated 3D characters of yourself, your friends, or anyone from just a single photograph.

User Guide and FAQ - More Details

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