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Zoner GIF Animator 5 5.0 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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Optimizing Animations

Zoner GIF Animator 5 provides these options for fine-tuning the optimization process:

Creating a global palette - creates a global palette for the whole file instead of multiple local palettes.

Dithering frames - all colors that are not contained in the global palette are dithered (i.e. replaced by a mosaic of those colors available in the global palette).

Removing extra pixel - crops the individual frames so as to remove all areas that do not appear during the animation (i.e. that extend beyond the animation space).

Removing titles and comments - this removes the text comments that were saved with the output file; it does not affect the animation as displayed.

Using the "difference method" - the contents of all frames are adjusted so that each frame in the animation contains only changes relative to the previous state, with the remaining pixels of the new frame being replaced with the transparent color.

Removing special features - this converts vector graphics, TrueColor bitmaps, and simulated controls into the ordinary bitmaps in a GIF frames.

Frequently Asked Questions - Zoner GIF Animator 5

  1. Q: I created an animation with texts, vectors and transitions. The output file is very large.
    A: Zoner GIF Animator supports non-standard (special) types of frame. These frames demand lots of space on disk when saving the file. Use 'Optimization' to markedly decrease the file size. Be sure you check the 'Remove special features' option. The disadvantage is the loss of special frames but the file is ready for the Web.

  2. Q: I can't edit the bitmap frame in an extended editor.
    A: Set the path to the bitmap editor using 'Edit' tab in 'Preferences' dialog.

  3. Q: Title bar is disabled when inserting simulated control 'dialog' or 'message box'.
    A: This is an implementation problem. It is not possible to set the simulated dialog modal when editing. On the other hand everything is all right when using the 'resize/move' tool or confirming 'OK' button and inserting the frame to the animation.

Screenshots - More Details

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