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Font Pilot

An essential mac font management software tool - browse all of your installed fonts by visual preview, or check out an entire character map.

Download Site       Buy Now $15.95

File Size:5.66 MB System:Mac OS X 10.4 or later
License:Free to try ($15.95) Limitations:15 days trial
Date Added:03-03-2008 Requirements:

Font Pilot
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Software Description:
Choosing the right font for a project is essential when it comes to its presentation. We've all seen those cheesy used car commercials using a messy font like "Sand". Don't let that happen to you! Take control of your font collection. In the old days, before Font Pilot, you'd be stuck manually installing one font at a time and relaunching your programs until you found the one you liked. Not anymore!

Using its superior font management engine, Font Pilot plunges into your system and digs up the dirt on your fonts. Copyrights, licenses, descriptions, postscript names, file sizes, locations, and so much more! However, Font Pilot would have hardly graduated flight school if it didn't go above and beyond its other classmates.

Font Pilot allows you to browse an entire folder of fonts that are NOT installed with a visual preview! While viewing the slideshow, click the Install button at any time to have that font permanently installed and activated on the computer. No fuss, no gimmicks, just pure functionality. Also activate (without installing) fonts on the fly!

Amongst these great features, and numerous others like the character map, key combo list, and print engine. Font Pilot is an essential font management software tool in any graphic designer's repertoire. Give it the free fifteen day trial, and we're sure you'll find it hard to let go!

Key Features:
  • View and print a character map with instant viewing of the first 256 characters for the font
  • Print font list in style
  • View fonts by file or family
  • View fonts in a list by preview
  • View a waterfall font preview
  • Reveal fonts in the Finder
  • Show all, system, user, classic, and computer fonts
  • Preview font-style with colors and sizes
  • Install Fonts
  • Preview Fonts without installing
  • Mac & PC key combos to produce characters
  • Character ASCII, Binary, Octal, and Hex values
  • Character Binary values
  • View invisible fonts
  • Rename font files based on their Postscript name
  • Search for fonts by name, family, or file name
Editor's Review:
With its easy to use sleek interface, you are able to browse every installed font on your computer. It displays them in a list which shows exactly what each font looks like. You are also able to print this out for easy reference!

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