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OziPhotoTool 2.7

Automatically keep a record of where digital photos were taken.

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Version:2.7 Publisher:oziphototool.alistairdickie
File Size:15,955 KB System:Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003
License:Free to try ($25.00) Limitations: 
Date Added:12-30-2005 Requirements:windows system

Screenshot - OziPhotoTool
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Software Description:

OziPhotoTool combines the technology of a GPS receiver and a digital camera to automatically keep a record of where digital photos were taken. It is designed to be used in conjunction with OziExplorer however the only requirement is that input track files are in OziExplorer format. Most digital cameras have 'EXIF' metadata stored as part of the photo. This includes is the date and time the photo was taken. Many GPS units have 'tracklogs'. The GPS keeps a record of points that the unit has traveled over, including the time at each point. OziExplorer can read 'tracks' from many different GPS units.

OziPhotoTool takes the digital photos and a track from OziExplorer and determines where the GPS unit was at when the photo was taken. As long as the GPS was in the same location as the camera this represents the location of the photo. OziPhotoTool outputs the linkage between the photo and its location by creating an OziExplorer waypoint file, generating map features on OziExplorer maps, and/or watermarking the photos.

Key Features:
  • Google Earth kml/kmz generation. This has added a few general properties and a bunch of new string replacement codes. Read the help file for more information on this new feature.
  • Pause button to pause generation. This will pause generation after the current image being processed is completed. Pressing the generate button or the cancel button will continue or cancel generation respectively.
  • String replacement code that formats the number of images processed to four digits (nm4). Couple of general properties to modify the num and nm4 codes. The value in the general property numOffset will be applied added if you use the offsetnum or offsetnm4
  • General property resetOffsetNum that if false (unchecked) will add the number of successful images processed in a generation to numOffset. This allows a constant update of those image names produced by OziPhotoTool.
  • Button to in the Generation Settings dialog to open the command line file in the default text editor (usually notepad). This provides a quick shortcut for testing different command line files.
  • String replacement codes for the track files that were used to determine an image's location. tkforefile will give you the full name of the track file that contained the closest track point before the image (time wise), and tkaftfile will give
Editor's Review:

OziPhotoTool combines the technology of a GPS receiver and a digital camera to automatically keep a record of where digital photos were taken. Most digital cameras have EXIF metadata stored as part of the photo. This includes is the date and time the photo was taken. It Changes a new installer and cleaner interface.

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