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PhotoFit Harmony 1.41

Automatically stitch your small pictures into one single, wide and large, seamless panorama picture.

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $52

File Size:11,601 KB System:Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($52) Limitations:function limitation
Date Added:01-23-2006 Requirements:Windows System

Sample - PhotoFit Harmony
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Software Description:
PhotoFit Harmony is a high performance stitching software, which comes equipped with high precision multi-row stitching technology, automatic focal length detection, automatic distortion cancel, perfect perspective correction, and several projection types as Linear, Panorama, Ultra Wide Linear and Fisheye capability.

In addition, PhotoFit has easy-to-use interfaces. Those are, Image File Finder, non-click thumbnail viewer, drag and drop stitching, PhotoFit Manager and others.

You may simply take overlapped photographs using your digital camera, then you may get a whole panoramic image which has wider angle and larger pixels.

Key Features:
  • Horizontal panoramas, Vertical panoramas, 360 degree panorama, and Whole panoramas
  • Panorama view, Linear view, Ultra Wide Linear view, Ring-fish-eye view, and Fisheye view
  • Auto-stitching or D&D-stitching selectable. Ultra-fast thumbnail viewer.
  • Full automatic focal length detection - no lens data file, nor manual input.
  • Anti-distortion algorithm makes straight line straight.
  • Easy and exact perspective correction - provides the best quality of output image.
  • Tripod is not required. Automatic adjusting with tilted or rotated images.
  • Extraordinary pin-point color matching. Allow overlapped zone 20% to 100%. 40% to 60% makes the best results.
  • Original "Ultra Wide Linear" view. Stitch & Stick! You can make big signboard by printing separately and pasting.
  • Accept various image sources including digital camera images, scanned film images or scanned document images.
  • Read and write BMP, JPG, TIFF and PNG formats. It can render an extremely large picture, up to one hundred million pixels or more.
  • Export QTVR format. Save project-file to recreate construction on later.
Editor's Review:
Running step is very simple. First, import photos as source picture. Second, fit pictures automatically. Third, modify rendering/cropping area. Fourth, save the specify image. Finally, you also can print the photo. The trial version may be published BMP format only.

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