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Smart Pix Manager 8.05 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

How to display ART files using Smart Pix Manager?

If you have Internet Explorer v5.5 or greater installed you can set Smart Pix to display ART files:

i) Select File>Supported Formats (you will need to have the setting, 'Simplified Interface' turned off under File>Options)
ii) Beside the 'Common' formats, click 'Select'
iii) Find the "*.Art" item and ensure it is checked
iv) Click OK

However you will not be able to perform normal image functions or conversions on ART images so it is recommended that you save them to Bitmap while downloading them. I.e. when you want to keep an image displayed in the AOL browser, right-click it and select save, then select .BMP from the 'Save as' types and click OK. Our software can display a BMP file, though you might want to convert it to JPEG to make it smaller.

Frequently Asked Questions - Smart Pix Manager

  1. How can I use Smart Pix with multiple users on a network?
    There is no problem with providing group access to a single Smart Pix database, but you will need to specify the database setting, 'Allow databases to be shared,' on all copies of Smart Pix Manager which are accessing the shared database. The quickest way to set this is click Ctrl+Shift+D which will pop up a dialog offering the best network settings.

  2. Why is there an keyword group in View mode called 'Other'? I haven't created this group!
    If you have any keywords that you have failed to assign to an keyword group, Smart Pix will list them in the group 'Other'.

  3. Your documentation says that you support PDF files, but when I try to view a PDF file I get an Internet Explorer message saying 'Do you want to Load or Open this file?'
    To support PDF files you need to install the free Adobe Acrobat Viewer which installs a browser plug-in. You can download this from the Adobe Web Site.

  4. Smart Pix always defaults to my last opened database. How can I specify the database that it should start up with?
    You need to call it with the /db: parameter specifying the folder of the database to open. For example (include the quotes):

    "C:\Program Files\Smart Pix Manager\SmartPix.exe" /DB:"C:\My_DB_Folder"

    You can also make copies of the Smart Pix shortcut on your Desktop specifying the database paths as above, so you can easily open your various databases with a single click.

  5. I have set up Smart Pix so that it can be accessed by users across our network, however while I want it so everybody can access it I only want a few to have permission to add and amend the DB. Can this be done?
    There are two ways you can control read/write access to a shared database:
    • Using NT permissions set the user-rights of the folder containing the database so that general users only have read access and power users have read/write access.
    • Set the Read-Only option on all copies of Smart Pix Manager that do not have write access (under Database>Settings and Source Folders).

  6. I have around 1300 images and 200 keywords in my database. When I add a new keyword, there is a long wait before it is added. Is it possible to speed this up?
    Go into File>Options, Other, Advanced and check the setting, 'Use dialog for keyword addition in right-click'.

  7. I want to export a list of files and descriptions to use in Diji Album. How do I do this?
    You will need Smart Pix, v5.3 or greater and Diji Album v3.1 or greater. These are the steps:
    i)Select the files that you want to add to your album (hold the Ctrl key down to select multiple files)
    ii) Select Thumbnails>Export Files to Diji Album Editor... (if this item is not listed then reinstall Diji Album Editor)
    Your list will be exported. To import this into Diji Album:
    i) Run Diji Album Editor
    ii) Create a new album file or open an existing one
    iii) Select Page>Import Page Wizard...

  8. I can't seem to get Smart Pix to crop the images where I have positioned the selection box. Why is that?
    Smart Pix uses Lossless cropping, meaning that there is no reduction in the quality of your JPEG images when you perform a crop (unlike in most other image editing software). The one limitation with cropping or rotating images losslessly, is that you are bound by certain data blocks within the image, this means that lossless crops will often be a few pixels out from your selection and when rotating a few pixels may be lost from the edge of an image.

Screenshots - More Details

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