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Ultra Jpeg Tagger 1.4

Ultra JPEG Tagger simplifies the task of writing text into JPEG files, with a simple and productivity-oriented interface

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File Size:1,121 KB System:Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003
License:Free to try ($15.95) Limitations:5 files per session
Date Added:02-13-2006 Requirements:Windows system

Ultra Jpeg Tagger
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Software Description:
Did you know that regular JPEG files could store text? This is a standard feature that is used to mark, brand images, and store their description. Ultra JPEG Tagger simplifies the task of writing text into JPEG files, with a simple and productivity-oriented interface.

The program allows you to define custom variables for faster use, as well as predefined variables for date and marking a sequence of multiple related files.

Storing text alone would appear almost useless, and it probably is. That's why Ujeta sports a capable search feature, with images that match your search pattern displayed in thumbnail view.

Key Features:
  • Process unlimited number of files at once
  • View changes in real time
  • Search comments
  • Use written text as captions when using Image Catalog
Editor's Review:
Do you want your pictures can be distinguished from each other or wish to add some special annotation to special picture? Now Ultra Jpeg Tagger is a good way to tackle these problems. It is a tool for viewing and editing JPEG text comments, as well as for searching those comments.

Ultra Jpeg Tagger owns a user-friendly interface and has only two main windows. Add the comment you want in the Comment window, and see the changes in real time; Search the picture with comment or not in the Search window, and the search results will be displayed at the bottom. It is easy to use.

Besides the main function, Ultra Jpeg Tagger has some detailed design to improve the convenience, such as variables and sequence numbers. If you know Image Catalog, another product of Nulidex, you can use written text as captions when using it. To sum up, Ultra Jpeg Tagger will help you organize and distribute your images.

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